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: Learing Curve II

06-24-2007, 10:35 PM
Since this went over like a high-hurtling bullhead on the Steelhead Forum , I thought I might try it here on the General site. The Steelheaders being very shy, modest and self-effacing.*

Or, maybe, this is just a stupid question.

I'll risk it:

A good friend of mine just got back from fishing for Reds in Mosquito Lagoon. Apparently, finesse in casting to the right spot at exactly the right time for a one-shot chance at a fish was too much for this experienced salmon, steelhead, bonefish aficionado. Incidentally, he fishing with a very good guide.

My question: how long does it take to "catch on" to new fish and a new fishing situation. You read; you do the research; you go and are challenged. You cope; you succeed; you don't. For me, given my recent experience on the Umpqua's small mouth bass, I'd say I need at least three days -- maybe a week-- to get into the rhythm, flow, and mental confidence-set to fish well. The advice you get and the experience on river, successful or not, have to be processed to the point where you can deal with the species, the aquatic environment, the weather condition, the palette of flies appropriate for the changing conditions, the refinements of tackle, the requirements of presentation, the time of day, the season of year, and on and on and on. Did I mention that it helps to have fish to fish for?

Any thoughts on approaching a new fishing challenge for the first time?

*Not to mention sophisticated and reserved.


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06-24-2007, 11:09 PM

From experience, you need to find someone that is knowledgeable to fish with whether it be a guide or a friend that is experienced. When I went bone fishing for the first time, I had no clue on how to do it. I had never fly fished in the ocean before. I met a guy that invited me to join him wading the flat. He gave me some flies and showed me where to focus on blind casting, the right strip technique, correct flies, and gave me confidence in what I was doing. With in 45 min. I had my first bone.

I think it is more about confidence than anything. You can read all the books and find out what to use and the correct technique, but it takes cofidence which comes with being shown the correct methods by someone with experience or spending quite a bit of time in the new environment. I had this same experience fishing for browns in New Zealand, it was very difficult even though I read a lot of info. I met someone that showed and explained to me what to do and my success rate greatly increased.

If you can meet some one who is also fishing that doesn't mind sharing info with you is the best way to go. I think many people in the Fly Fishing community are willing to share info when meeting in person, not so much on a forum though. Then someday you may be able to repay the favor to them on your home water.

Best of Luck.