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: Big Brother Updates?

06-13-2007, 04:05 PM

Any updates on the Big Brother event such as meeting times or any specific prep help needed etc...I am thinking of making a weekend on the Cape out of it but need some details to firm things up.



06-13-2007, 04:16 PM

The other Sean and I just had a chat about this, and I have had a couple calls with Molly and also Keith.

The plan is to do the same as last year, where we rendezvous on the beach for lunch and while we have their attention do the talk.

Thus unless you volunteered for something in the morning and need to be on the refuge side you can go fish and 'scout around' before lunch.

Boot camp during the picnic, working thru until we break for the 'friendly competition'. Last count we had 13-14 pairs already signed up so there should be approximately 45-50 people on hand for the event. I think this is the right size based on past events. Due to pure luck or good planning, we should have a perfect set of matches - one to one to one this year

Afterwards, since we all go back to the refuge anyway we can do the ceremony there on the HQ steps.

There can be more fishing but I think since many need to get back home that day a bucket of steamers and something from the tap might be an appropriate way to cap the day at the Squire.

Lunches are provisioned by Chatham Village Cafe, 400 Main street. Please give them your support during the year and mention the Forum.

Our mighty chariot drivers (hmmm Keith would make a good roman mercenary although I don't think they had Maui Jims back then - and the admiral would make a mean Caesar in a toga with a laurel wreath on his head) of the Rypus Ryderus will escort the precious cargo across the treacherous 2 minute crossing to the wilds of South Beach for the kids 'boot camp'.

I always get to hog the show but if anyone would like to do it this year please just say so.

I will get on the horn to see what kind of grown up prizes we can round up, but we will do the awards as usual so please ask your local fishin' shop if they would pitch in something for the boys.

Thanks for starting this thread Sean and let's keep the ideas flowing.


AM fishing: Unless you are signed up for assistance we can fish the morning and let the pairs enjoy the refuge scavenger hunt with the rangers and people who work at the HQ until lunch.

Lunchtime: fishing primer, boot camp

1pm or so: Fishing till Rip Ryder brings us back

4 or 5pm (confirming pickup time): Award Ceremonies at HQ

6pm: Group @ Squire

06-15-2007, 08:09 AM
Spoke to Molly yesterday, she said all slots have been filled and she asked if any of us would volunteer to double up -or- if we could find more mentors.

Anyone feel they could handle two pairs, or others willing to volunteer to pick up the extra signups?

06-15-2007, 09:21 AM
I can do 2 pairs. I certainly have enough extra rods and sluggos to handle it.:roll:


06-15-2007, 10:26 AM
You and me makes two more pairs are in.

I am supposed to report final avail to Big Brothers by Tuesday latest so she can advise the wait listers they are in.

(Can I borrow a sluggo?)

06-15-2007, 10:49 AM
I just asked my son and he said you can borrow some of his new squid color ones. :hihi:


06-15-2007, 11:03 AM
(Can I borrow a sluggo?)

I got some snagging hooks if those big bunker are still around. I can take two if neccessary.


06-15-2007, 11:31 AM
I do not have any spinning rods. Will there be a few extras?


06-15-2007, 11:50 AM
I gave my spin rods from last year to my neice and nephew so I will have to buy one this year again. Keeps them fresh anyway I never had to change the line that way!

Phil -

just use what you have. If you don't have spin gear, work with them to use the fly rods. They will appreciate anything you have to offer believe me.

Sean - not sure snagging hooks are a good idea with five on board / inexperienced kids, but perhaps you could use the morning to go put some in the livewell ahead of time if you want to really show us shore schleppers up. BTW the bunker are over on the Morris Island / Stage Inlet area.

06-15-2007, 11:52 AM
Actually I think I will work with one spin, one fly this year. I will provide focused attention with the fly rod pair and basic intro for the spin then let them work on their own. After a bit, switch them up.

Phil -

If you can't find a spin rod just stick with one pair.

06-15-2007, 11:55 AM

The last time I was out the bigger blues (10#) were roving the outside beaches so gear up accordingly and watch those little fingers.

06-15-2007, 12:44 PM
Sean - not sure snagging hooks are a good idea with five on board / inexperienced kids, but perhaps you could use the morning to go put some in the livewell ahead of time if you want to really show us shore schleppers up. BTW the bunker are over on the Morris Island / Stage Inlet area.

Just kidding on the snag hooks. No boat. Spending the rest of the weekend with the family so the fishing time will be limited to the event. If anyone is doing some scouting ahead of time it would be great to share that information so that as many kids as possible can benefit. Looks like we have a good tide for the inside with a 1 o'clock low so we can get the kids out to the channels. Not sure that is the best tide for the ocean side though?


06-15-2007, 12:56 PM
We will have great tides for the ocean side but the inside catching situation for the kids would be much better if we did the morning shift. The logistics of fishing in the morning don't work with the ceremony though.

Since it will be mostly about getting the kids into schoolies or better we can do the easy drop-off fishery on the inside and hope some venture up onto the flats with the afternoon rise before the ride comes, or of course take advantage of the good outside situation which should be prime unless we have an "E" component in the wind.

Hope for sun and a light breeze and the locating of fish will be much easier for all.

06-15-2007, 04:20 PM
We will have great tides for the ocean side....
Just pray the finned mammalians don't make a showing....they ruined the ocean side for Warren and myself last Saturday...made me seriously consider bringing the ole 44 Magnum next time:mad:

06-15-2007, 06:32 PM
Flydoc, what are the restrictions on out of stater's & 44's? Do I need seal permit?:lildevl: :lildevl:

Juro, I can help out that weekend too. I will be fishing Friday on the north shore, but I can drive down Saturday & stay till Sunday. We start a week of fishing Monday the 25th in Pittsburgh NH, and end up on Casco bay on the 30th. Why not make it to the Cape that week too? a marathon fishing vacation & help some kids too?

I can probably round up some gear & maybe even a prize or two.

Please send me an email, call or PM of what is required for gear and what kind of prize material you need. & sign me up.

06-18-2007, 07:07 PM

Still have not heard back from you on this. I sent you a PM this morning. Never the less I assume from reading above any & all help will be accepted. So I am coming down and will be there Saturday morning If you need my help I will be available. I'll bring some spinning gear & see If can round up some stuff for the boys too.

If someone would tell me what the appropriate prize stuff I'll get going on it.

06-18-2007, 07:22 PM

Let me see if I can help.

For gear, bring a light sw spinning rod or two and a fly rod. I usually bring an 8wt that I won't cry if it gets damaged for some reason. Hasn't happend yet but you never know is my feeling. While maybe not the best for catching fish I usually load it with a bright colored floater that is easy to cast and see the line.

For prizes, Juro has come up with an inexpensive spin outfit in the past. I think anything generic and fishing related is great. We have also given make shift fly boxes with a fly and some sweedish fish in the past.

While the prizes are great the true reward here is a day on the water enjoying nature IMO. Anything else is gravy.

Thanks for stepping up to help out. My guess is you will have a great time.


06-18-2007, 09:10 PM
been one of those days, only had a few minutes to look at the forum today and just getting home from work

answered your pm, yes spin is great but some kids are up to the fly gear

we have until noon to get organized or fish the kids will be on the scavenger hunt with the refuge staff in the am as I wrote before


I will talk to BB tomorrow to let them know we can add pairs

keith I will get a final headcount for you tomorrow

06-19-2007, 04:39 AM
Thanks Sean & Juro.

I am on it!

06-19-2007, 06:54 AM

Hit me with the final count as well and I'll make sure we have enough boxes. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to prep them prior to the day. I'll remove the labels and clean up the foam, but if there's anything else....I'm on it.


06-19-2007, 10:51 AM
OK -

Spoke with Molly at BB this am, the final count will be 18 pairs.

I believe with Warren and Bigcat a maybe we will have 16-17 mentors so there won't be too much trouble with doubling up etc.

I will update Rip Ryder with the headcount. Please confirm your own attendance so we can provide an actual to Keith.

Reminder of the agenda:

Kids will do the scavenger hunt in the morning.

We will rendezvous on the beach for lunch. While we have their attention (eating) we will do fishing presentations.

Again if you are interested in making a presentation step up. Even if it's a sluggo technique just this one time but no pink ones :lildevl: ;)

Once we pass the boot camp match up with a big / little and go fishing!!

Between the surfside, dropoff right in front, and other new structures we should have some luck this year. A big slug of fish just pushed in over the bad weather period we just had.

Once Rip Ryder brings us back we will do the ceremony and I hope everyone is able to stop in the Squire for a toast to brotherhood.

In honor and rememberance of dad,

06-19-2007, 04:56 PM
I got some Pink Sluggo's from the tackle shop today...Free:D Plus a couple of Yuzuri plugs & some white sluggo's

Stone Horse is sold out for Saturday night. Anyone single and need a bunk mate? Or do I get tanked at the Squire & sleep in the truck:rolleyes:

06-20-2007, 04:17 PM
Juro. Please check your PM. Thanks.


06-21-2007, 11:05 AM
You do what you must Phil - thanks for the notice.

More details:

We will be riding over to SB at 11:15 - 11:30a unless you are already over there enjoying the morning bite.

Lunch is provided as is the ferry fare for mentors.

We will start presentations and boot camp while eating and disperse to take the kids fishing after that.

Here are some suggestions:

Channel: Mid-day low reveals the channel right in front which is always good for some action.

Surf: mid-day low will also keep the surf down on the outside and the 16 mile detour has been keeping things going there for those in the know.

Guzzle: As the guzzle begins in mid-afternoon the fishing will be fairly easy for the kids approx 3/4 mile to the south. It is advisable to stay on the north side of the guzzle after it gets going to avoid mishaps. The later the better here so I have asked Keith for the late return since the tide will only be starting otherwise. The return will be at 4:30p.

Flats: The SB area flats have been very good on the first hour of the rise from the tub all the way down past the guzzle recently, let's hope that holds true this weekend for those who want to try sight fishing with their group.

Hint: bring extra polarized glasses if you want to do this and focus on the early rise to avoid chilling them out / no waders.

Once at the refuge, we will hold our traditional award ceremony and then all are urged to gather at the Squire for a celebratory toast and a bite to eat.

Saturday commute is typically forgiving for those who are not staying on cape overnight. Those who do will make sure the fish are properly exercised on Sunday :)

Please ask any last minute questions here.


BTW - let's keep things simple with barbless hooks. Also all crosswind casting on the lee side and proper position for each big/little for safety should be a priority.

06-21-2007, 09:50 PM
Dang, looks like I have to back out, I got sent out on a paving job and it is going to run through the weekend.
I was looking forward to making this event.
Have a blast guys it's a great thing your doing.

06-22-2007, 07:12 AM
Juro, Thanks for the breakdown. For a 2007 SB rookie...that was a big help.

I'm planning on being down there for the 7am or 8am run accross. Anyone else? I'd love to fish with anyone whose been around down there to get the lay of the land again.

I'll have the boxes in my car, should I drop them off at the refuge prior to heading out in the morning? I think this would be the best course of action.

Looking forward to seeing everyone. PM if anyone wants to hook up or share more details!

Should we bring FRS radios if we have them to keep in touch with the action? More broad spectrum data sharing than cell phones...and the more kids that catch and see fish, the better!


06-22-2007, 09:05 AM
Nick -

I still remember that mid-day keeper you landed on the first cast on NM... I would like to make the 8am run but still a little tentative a this point whether I will be on cape early enough based on commitments tonight.

The tide will be up and there should be some good cruising fish as the tide drops, will PM recent intel.


06-22-2007, 05:08 PM
I will be there first thing. I will be fishing. To the best of my knowledge I am not needed until the afternoon. Looking forward to having some fun tomorrow.

06-22-2007, 05:20 PM
The morning sun will be at your back looking at the flats at high, guzzle should be running or just stopped so the perimeter will have fish cruising it's edge, as it drops I would venture onto the southside flats or just do the cattle drive from the guzzle northward to meet at 11:30 at SB landing.

With incoming before daybreak working the shoals around Rosa Ragusa working south would be a good bet as well, probably some brazen ones finning around and a slow easy pace back to the landing.

Who knows the surfside could be lit up too. I have too much to do so will have to shoot for the lunch break shuttle.

West winds lighter than today but still gusty they say for tomorrow. Mid-day lows hmmmmm :smokin:

06-23-2007, 04:45 PM
Sorry I missed this one fellas. Found out I would'nt make it back in time for a last minute shoot at Foxwood's as there is no one else that could cover for me. Fun meeting Celeb's but the real celebrities today were the kids. Looks like you got some sunshine. Hope everything went well.


06-24-2007, 03:55 PM
I had a most excellent time from the guided tour of the north tip of monomoy by Jim and Craig in the morning to the best part, fishing with the big brothers and the kids. A slow day fishing wise but Carlos and Edwin found one. Really looking forward to next year.


06-25-2007, 05:00 AM
Big Brother day was a blast, had a great kid, Paige & her big sister Veronica with me.
That girl Paige could launch a sluggo a hundred feet or more:D If there had been fish in the channel she would have hooked up for sure.

A good weekend. Drove down Saturday morning fished with Flydoc till the kids came over, Fishing was good Saturday morning....the catching was not so good.
After the day was over a few of us, Adrian, Doc, Juro Sean & I went to the Squire, hoisted an ale and had a bite to eat. Even though I had been up since three A.M. & was tired. Doc talked me into an ice cream so I went along.
I pulled into the hotel after that & Juro was there too, out front of his room yacking on the phone. We had a short chat & ended up having an inpromto two handed casting lesson in the parking lot just before dark. Thanks Juro that was a fun. Now I just have to remember, Tracking tracking tracking and.....No Bend ....No send :D

What better way to spend a day?

06-25-2007, 06:25 PM
I also had a blast this weekend, although the striped varmints snubbed me on several occasions. Great fishing (but unfortunately no catching) with Warren in the AM Saturday, then with the two Kevins (little and big) in the afternoon. Little Kevin got the hang of the spinning rig pretty quick (once he started to get automatic with opening the bail BEFORE the cast), and was deep into a cluster of muscles and a keeper horseshoe before calling it a day. Big Kevin (to his credit) chose to take up the buggywhip; with some coaching, by the end of the day I had him casting about as good as I could under similar conditions. Too bad the fish were on vacation...
Yesterday brought the promised venture to N Monomoy with John, his buddy Ron, Warren, Quentin, Adrian, Rooster (and his two stepkids), and Big Jimbo Simms. Hiked/fished virtually every corner of the flats over the course of the day; teased early on by a 30+ incher coming up from the south as Quentin and I were heading south to the crib. Quentin spotted him first, but not being in a good position (windwise) to cast to it, graciously pointed the big boy out to me for a go. 3 casts later- no bite, and he swam lazily back to the crib. A few smaller fish spotted in the vicinity of the crib, but all spooked either before or after the cast. No luck with blind casting into the drop-offs west, south, east, or (after a self-imposed mini death march in desperation at the end of the day) north of the island. Eventually dragged my hurting carcass back to the pick up (I was the last one off the island, I'm pretty sure), and needed substantial assistance from Keith to get up on the boat. But 1600 mg of Advil and 8 hrs of sleep later, I'm back at work as if it was all just a dream....apart from that burning, chafing sensation between my legs and that persistent gnawing sensation in my gut that only a keeper striper in hand will satisfy. I don't want to turn to the "Dark Side" as yet, but maybe flyfishing IN the dark might be the answer this time of year....seems some of the big boys posted here lately have had their profiles taken against a black backdrop. I'm free again this weekend, so maybe some of the regulars might be interested in some night ops at the light or elsewhere this weekend.
P.S.-Juro- ?- Does Nauset charge for parking at the main lot 24/7, or do they allow free parking past a certain hour at night?

06-25-2007, 09:30 PM
Thats a good question... check the Orleans town site or give them a call.

I have bought an ORV sticker every year since the 90's so never parked in the lot. However with the closure I am considering it - they might let us park there with that sticker on the window need to check that myself.

06-26-2007, 10:33 AM
#1 - ORV sticker owners can park in the main lot anytime

#2 - non sticker vehicles can park for fishing purposes in the lot after 4:30p free

* known plover nest is expected to fledge in 25 or so days from 6/23 but additional birds may re-nest which would mean the juvie bunker would be showing by the time we get back to the new cut. Hmmmm baby bunker at the new cut :)