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: Narragansett Bay June 6th

06-06-2007, 10:25 AM
Now is the time to get out on the bay. If you hadn’t had much success in the past your luck should change. There is fabulous striper fishing throughout the upper bay. The best it has been in years. Stripers of all sizes including some in the forties have taken up spring residence. The bay is filled with adult bunker and silversides right now. The bluefish bite is slower making it much easier to catch a sizable striper.

Joe Mendozza and wife flew into Rhode Island this week to attend their daughter’s college graduation. Doc is an avid outdoorsman. In Denver Colorado, Joe enjoys hunting and fly fishing along the valleys and fields of the Rockies. He has exceptional fly fishing skills that would pay added dividends here in RI. What really excites his emotions is his ability to catch big pike on a fly. Taking a 34 inch pike on a nine weight is a challenge and heart thumping sensation. Nothing seems to increase the heart rate faster, at least in Joe’s case. Well Joe, I hate to contribute personally to a health problem, but your blood pressure was sky high all morning.

Today started slowly. On the water 30 minutes before sunrise, Pine Tree Point looked fishy. The rocky structure and moon high tide condition seemed perfect to raise a big fish. No joy; no follows! Seen several swirls around the boat but the bass just were not interested.

Ran thru the islands, we soon faced a Northeast wind that has been blowing for several days. Drifts were quick. Getting the fly down into the strike zone was a problem. It took time casting slightly down wind and letting the boat drift catch up. Mend the line than letting it sink again to 15 feet each time takes a moment. Several pulls and a pause seem to be the proper cadence. Watching electronics was a must. We were rewarded with double digit size bass. The bite was consistent. The fish were position on a gentle slope between 10-15 feet.

Joe was surprised at the eye popping speed it took for some of these fish to eat up slack. The zip… zip sound of the fly line racing thru the guides was music to his ears. Within seconds they were on the reel. Thank god we had no mechanical problems with fly lines. (Hate to pop a noteworthy fish on a client.) Fighting bigger fish in deeper water is an experience in itself. Depth, drift and current add more components to the formula. The stripers we caught just seem to have more spirit in them today.

Enjoy the many memories Joe. You had great fishing conditions that don’t often happen. The fish gods were on your side.,Joe2.jpg,Joecomposite1.jpg