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: Narragansett Bay 05/25

05-26-2007, 02:50 PM
Hotel “6” left the light on!

Ron checked in the night before a fishing trip to get some much needed rest. Bright and bushy tailed, he arrived at my house at 4:45 am brand new and full of enthusiasm. We splashed at 5:00 and idled our way thru the harbor and moorings of Greenwich Cove. Outside the wake zone, the motor roared to life. We were off and greeted by a spectacular sunrise and flat conditions.

We viewed some bird activity quickly leaving the cove near Sally Rock, but nothing materialized. Turning the corner at Warwick Light we headed toward Providence Point to get a much better view of the bay. Took a few cast into the boulder field and as they say, “No Love.” Headed on an easterly bearing we fished around the shoreline of Colt State Park. Ron is finally tight after several dozen casts with a quality striper tugging at his fingertips. The highlight for me during the struggle is when Ron comments and tells me, “This is my first fish of the season.” It was nice to break the ice for him this season.

Off we motor to the Barrington shoreline to fish over structure. Several boats on the "Rocks" were already on the prime spots. No luck. We move off toward the shore to find some virgin water. Ron quickly spots a patch of rough water inside a cove. The patch starts to move outward and we find a school of large menhaden trying to protect it selves in the shallows. At first the bunker is relaxed, lazily swimming in a clockwise circle. Than suddenly a surface burst occurs with one giant boil. The fish get tightly packed and increase their speed. We have fun watching the experience and nailed a few pogies on a fly. We let them free swim with the fly attached and have some fun watching the spectacle. Our battles last but a few minutes before the large stripers releases their grip on their meal.

It doesn't take long for the few bass that are present to finish their meal. Gone! Each adult pogie is over a pound a piece. Me thinking no more than three can be consumed by one fish at a single time.

Temperatures started to soar into the nineties as the day advances with the bright sunlight and cloudless sky. We didn't produce the numbers today like previous trips, but we had quality fish.

The day wasn't over just yet till Ron had a chance to teach me a lesson in humility. Ron switches off to his famed red and white Clouser and begins to cast. After some light banter about the switch, Ron is tight to the reel and the fight is on. After a few minutes of struggle, the fish is tight to the bottom and cannot be budged. Nothing happens for a while. We both think now that the fish is off and the fly snagged to the bottom. Ron applies a little more leverage and breaks it free. The fish is still on. The picture shows the results, an 8 lb. blackfish. Who would have thought!

There are plenty of pods of bunker around at least for the time being. Fish early darkness into the morning would be your best bet. Plenty of boats the holiday weekend. The early angler will catch the fish.

05-27-2007, 04:50 AM
Great read and photos Capt. Ray! Thanks.


05-27-2007, 10:59 AM
Once again, Very nice Capt'n. Keep up the good work

05-30-2007, 01:16 PM
Thanks Phil. Nice to read fish reports while at the office. Must want to make you wet a line in one of those water fountains. :chuckle:


Timing is everthing as you fully know. Just wish comming all that way trailing you caught some of the action.

05-31-2007, 05:08 AM
It is a long drive pulling a boat, But that is the way it goes some days. I am sure we will not make it back down for stripers. Work & the Cape are calling. But the Blues will be here soon And that will bring us & our old flys back to the Bay real soon. Hope to see you then