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: 7/16 Merrimack River

07-16-2000, 03:46 PM
Arrived to an empty parking lot at Cashmans 4:00 A.M. and was greeted with driving rain gale force winds and 2' whitecaps. Well forget the 14' boat. Great no waders either.

Drove across the new pond in front of Surfland and down to the parking lot by the party boats. Not a soul around. We figured what the Hell and walked through some horizontal rain down to the river. A 24"er introduced himself on the first cast. Next cast same thing. OK I can deal with being drenched if this is a sign of things to come.

Fish on and getting smaller with every cast thereafter. A couple of more hits with nothing to show but 1/2 a sluggo. OK I like bluefish too. Then the wind died and the rain stopped and here comes the "Drag a schoolie across the sand clam crowd". Outta there and back to Cashman to launch the boat.

Splash, splash, splash all the way down to Woodbridge into a SE wind. Beached the boat on the island and fished it from shore with micros busting the surface. The rain and wind returned so we headed back up to Joppa but the incoming was pushing 2' standing waves. Home James.

07-17-2000, 09:04 AM
Good job Sully! Is there ever a time you DON'T catch em?
I knew you were going to get out there this weekend.


07-17-2000, 12:51 PM
Is there ever a time you DON'T catch em?

Yeah Monomoy comes to mind.

BTW, my buddy Mike says I'm a terrific spray skirt.

07-19-2000, 11:38 AM
I went to PI Mon. 7/17 around 5:15 AM. I was greated by a 15-20 knot NE wind. There was 4 boats in the river and about an 8' standing wave at the river mouth caused by the meeting of the outgoing tide & the incoming post-storm swells. there was only 4-5 guys fishing the shore. I set up on the main bar with another SWFFer. We managed a few micros before the turn of the tide. A bait guy came down about 50' to my left & started fishing clams with a 3oz pyramid weight. He hooked up about 15 times with fish ranging from twinkies to high teens. I think two things made bait the right choice (1) the water was very dirty, which made a fly difficult for the fish to see (but bait is smelled) & (2) a 3oz pymamid weight on spin gear can be cast further than my fly line especially with the wind on my right shoulder. So, the fish were there, but small & less then optimal FF conditions. On a boating note, two small craft went to the mouth of the river & then retreated (21' Grady & a 23' Parker). Then the 60' Charter boat went out; hit the first standing wave & about 25' of bow came completely out of the water, then crested the wave & the back 10' came out. She proceeded to make a 180 turn & come back in. One guy said it was the first time he'd seen the Charter turn around. NOT the best boating day either!

07-19-2000, 09:16 PM
N-A-S-T-Y! Wonder if the captn was thinking about swabbing the deck after the seasickness epidemic was over... and turned around!

Must have been pretty bad to turn all those big hulls back to port.

Thanks for the report.