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05-20-2007, 06:07 PM
I spoke with a friend today who has a camp on the nor'west. He said the returns for 2006 were extremely poor and also of heavy netting at redbank,,particularly of the use of gill nets that nearly strangled the river where they were set:mad:
He had info from DFO that the Nor'west will only meet about 25% of it's spawning requirements. Anyone care to elaborate? I have fished there in June and had very poor fishing after the nets went in so i can't believe that the gill nets and low returns are a coincidence. Anyone know why RedBank are using gillnets instead of trap nets and also just how much harvest/damage did they do to the run in '06? Also, will there be gill nets going in again next month??
Has the Cains, Little Sou'West, Renous etc suffered low spawning escapements as well?
Sad to see a gillnet allowed in the water in this day and age,,, regardless of so-called rights!!!
Looking forward to some info lads.
aka Salmon Chaser

05-21-2007, 10:38 AM
Tis time for bales of hay ,either bound or unbound. When they float down the river they'll float 99.9 percent in waterand when dey ht da nets dey just rip them up .IMHO even better is cut the bales upstream and the resulting wall of straw that clogs the nets inhibits any Salmon going near them .Of course there's always a 20 guage with deer slugs !