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05-20-2007, 09:59 AM

All weekend I was hoping that the Clavers scored in a big way. I wanted to hear some epic stories of cow after cow at the Clave. But after all that thinking of fishing I decided to sneak out this morning to the Mack.

First 2 casts of the year and 2 nice 15-18" schoolies.

I landed 7 fish in my first 15 casts and then the bite shut down for some unknown reason.

Here's hoping that you fared better than I in Chatham. But nonetheless I am happy to have some fish under my belt in 2007.

Looking forward to your posts,


05-20-2007, 03:31 PM
MIke- here's my Spring Clave diary:
Friday- Episode 1- The Weather God Strikes
Phase 1- The Canal
Met up with the guys just before 5 AM- tough conditions- no fish myself- a few caught some smalls on the fly. Basser caught a 32+ incher hanging a pencil popper plug into the incoming current; jamie valiantly negotiated the riff raff to release the beast. Then we headed to Leo's for breakfast.
Phase 2- Onset
After breakfast at Leo's, we headed to Shellfish Point in Onset to try a more protected area. Again, a few smalls for the others, but nothing my way. Basser and Adrian showed up a bit later (after dealing with Adrian's dead battery problem) and tried chucking some wood with limited success. Then Adrian, jamie and myself headed for Chatham. I stopped by Fishing the Cape to pick up a more functional waterproof jacket, then met up with the other two on the Morris Island causeway.
Phase 3- Hurricane Adrian
Adrian led jamie and myself on an epic trudge around Outermost Harbor to the west side of the top of The Tub- BRUTAL conditions- gail force wind, horizontal rain. Fished with the wind at our backs for awhile there without much luck. Adrian and jamie then decided to move to the South Beach side of the tub, but by then I could feel the coffee from Leo's reach my bladder, so decided to head back to civilization. Great get togethers later in the day at the Squire and at the CAC.

Saturday- Episode 2- Return of the Twinks
Met up with the crew at Sandy's for breakfast at 6AM, then off to the refuge.
PopnesetBay caught a couple shad at Morris Island before we caught the Rip Ryder to South Beach. Weather conditions perfect- overcast with light drizzle at most, with a managable west wind most of the day. Virtually nonstop action during the day, mostly in the 18-24 in range for me, with some keepers for a few of the others. Birds going NUTS busting bait near the shoreline; reminded me of that scene in the movie "Moby Dick" where the whale is coming back up from the depths, and Ahab shouts-"see the birds! He rises!!!! HE RISES!!!!!" Highlight of the fishing day was the cut near the southern end of South Beach- fishing the rip formed by all the water flushing in through the cut on the incoming tide- nonstop action until Keith swung by with the boat to remind us to start heading back to the pick up spot. I lost track of the number of fish caught (stopped counting after about 30); by far the best day numberwise in my fishing career.
As for the evening's festivities back at the Stone Horse, the usual incredible spread hosted by Juro, and a wonderful time had by all. I finished things off with a couple fingers of 15 yr old Glenlivet, then NOTHING until I woke up in a chair in the lobby to see Juro and the others heading to the Squire at midnight. Drove back home and crashed big time.

Episode 3- The Morning After....
Tried to get up with the alarm at 5AM to make another showing at Sandy's, but the cobwebs in my brain refused to budge. Slept in a bit, then headed over to the refuge in time to run into FishHawk and Juro coming back from another tough windy outing. Juro apparently hadn't quite recuperated from the late night outing at the Squire:frown: I coerced FishHawk into following me to Pleasant Bay, where we ran into his (and Jim Simms') friend Art from Jersey. We fished a couple spots with limited success (I got one on the incoming across from Strong Island, while FishHawk and I listened to a French Canadian dude with a spincasting gear shout "Sacre Bleu!" as he hauled in a couple more). FishHawk had to head back after a couple hours, so I guided him to the East Harwich intersection before parting ways.
If Saturday's conditions could have been duplicated on at least one of the other two days, this would have been a Clave of epic porportions; as it was, it was still another one for the books!
Looking forward to the rest of the season, including: Big Brother Day, the British Invasion, the Rip Trips, Monomoy, Boneclave 2007, and the late nights at the Squire and the CAC.

Rip Ryder
05-20-2007, 06:57 PM
After reading Flydoc's Saturday notes, I thought I might bring this to peoples attention.
Flydoc mentioned, I had showed up in the area where most were fishing around 3:30. I wish I was there only to remind people about the pick up time, but in reality, I made a run down to the area, because the Admiral recieved a phone call from two fisherman, who could not find a safe way to cross back to the north side of the washover at the area of the "K" buoy. :Eyecrazy: Luckily on our call back to the stranded, they had found a safe way to make it back over to the northside of the washover to be picked up.

Earlier in the day, I had a few birders reporting that the water at the wash was waist high around 12:30, approximately mid incoming, and with quite a strong current. The other thing to keep in mind, is all this moving sand is very unstable and will act like quick sand, if it holds a high concentration of water.

I would urge all who venture south on South Beach be vigilant on looking over the terrain at lowtide as to remember high spots, that could make safe pathways home at hightide. Also use commonsense with the strong currents of water moving over the island, especially days with higher surf or moontides.

We all agree, it would be great for fishing, if the water continues to washover for the entire season. But, we have to be mindfull of the NEW potential problems it can cause for those of you on foot.

Not preaching, but lets not ruin paradise with a bad memory.:tsk_tsk:

05-20-2007, 07:17 PM
Great report Flydoc, and have a good season on the elbow. I will send Fishawk down a few times this year to make sure that the "wee drams" don't accumulate in the cubbards.:roll:

05-20-2007, 07:59 PM
Thanks for the heads up Captain....I can personnally verify your warning that the quick sand is serious stuff....a couple of years ago when it broke through in the same area, I was walking up the surf side and figured that the low spot and no dunes was a great crossover spot....well....I was walking on firm sand and on the next step one leg sunk to my mid thigh....had to lay prone so as not to go deeper and it took me about 10 minutes to get my leg out of the sucking sand...was alone...heart was racing...not a way to go. At first my thought was...I hope I don't lose my boot.....after 5 minutes my next thought was s _ _ _ ! The problem with the stuff is that what's ahead looks the same as the firm sand your standing on...then :eek:

05-21-2007, 06:11 AM
Thanks for the heads up Capt. I'm glad I followed the doc to his home waters. Wish we could have stayed longer. All I can say is this was a great Clave and great group of guys. Looking forward to the Brits arrivals . Jamie has schooled me in some of the British Slang. :lildevl: FishHawk