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: 5/12 Merrimack River

05-13-2000, 06:02 AM
Took the boat and recently relocated son Bobby up to the Merrimack for the first time this year. Based on the reports we where not expecting much more that a shake down cruise for the boat. Launched at Cashmans and headed up river to work the creek mouths across from Ferry's Landing. It did not take very long before I heard Bobby yell fish on. We caught schoolies pretty straight for the next few hours until slack tide.

We made the run down river into the teeth of a stiff ESE wind, more to open the boat up than to look for fish. We did see guys fishing from shore near the Captain's Ladies
catching fish. Including our first drag the schoolie up onto the sand, hold it steady with your foot and kick it back into the surf. Bobby could not believe he saw that.

We did find birds working the water and motored over to them, but did not see fish under them nor could we make out what the where eating.

05-13-2000, 09:01 AM
WOW! Great news Bob, that's pretty early for the river. Congrats on Bobby's success... I would imagine Dad did quite well too!

I guess the rumors of Merrimac fish are true afterall. Next couple of weeks should really heat the area up