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: Fun with a whiting variety pack

05-10-2007, 10:27 PM
I recently tried the whiting grab bag and was pleasantly surprised at the selection and quality of the feathers I received. Here are two ties that were inspired by this assortment...

The first one is a feather brain soft hackle and polar flash pattern on a keel hook. At around 4" it should be a good pike pattern.

wing: 6 grizzly soft hackles and pearl polar flash
head: red and black soft hackle coated with glitter nail polish (not as durable as epoxy but a lot lighter)
big prism eyes to finish....

The second is a rather small popper for stream smallmouth...

hook: wide gap worm hook
tail: black tipped yellow chick-a-bou and yellow krystal flash
collar: black tipped yellow streamer hackle
head: cylindrical cut closed cell foam wrapped in gold prim tape and glitter nail polish
rubber legs and prism eyes to finish

happy tying...