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: 2K Posts & Goin Strong

08-03-2000, 04:05 PM
I think the 2,000 posts is a tribute to the interest, organization, & enthusiasm that Juro et. al. have have put into this forum. The Growth of Claves has been directly proportional to the grown in popularity. Keep up the great work!! GregO.

08-03-2000, 06:17 PM
Here, Here! and A'men!

08-03-2000, 09:14 PM
Nice job noticing that we passed 2k. I may not post often, but I visit the site at least 10 times a day at work. This site not only provides me with great tips on fishing, but also a stress relief from my job. Thanks everyone. Great job on the site Juro and whoever else does the work.

08-04-2000, 07:53 AM
The credit goes to those who visit, participate, and keep the spirit of the community unique. Folks often tell me how cool it is that people actually get together (even across regions and countries) and although not nearly as huge as some of the national sites, it can be a lot more friendly.

I'll admit at first I thought the goal was to get big... now I know the best goal is to remain a close community of friends, regardless of how big we get. I hope it always stays that way!

08-04-2000, 08:48 AM
Hopefully, not to the point that new people aren't welcome?

08-04-2000, 12:04 PM
The *COOLEST* outcome would be lots of new people, yet retain the camaraderie... welcome Mike!