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: 2 weeks in saline heaven

Bob Pink
08-12-2000, 11:08 PM
Just wrapped up two weeks of outstanding fishing using a cottage in Harwichport as ground zero. Some reflections/highlights:
* Seeing the look in a young angler's eyes as he learns to gently release a fish for another day.
* Learning about 'clamming', getting tips from the Chatham shellfish warden (Thanks again Lyle!) Taking the family out to Monomoy and turning around while I'm digging to see them all in up to their elbows....
* Hitting things 'just right' one morning at Chatham for my largest flyrod fish ever (and it was from the beach!).
* Meteor showers at 4:00am at Ballston Beach
* Taking a business client/friend out for some SWFF action and his second fish 'ever' is a beautiful 32" fighter. We're back at the dock that afternoon and he tells me "It's been a trip of a lifetime!"
* A morning where it's a fish on every cast (and they're fish you have to put on the reel)
* A spouse who understands/accepts the passion the water.
* Drifting the flats off Monomoy and showing my 12yr old the shadows of cruising fish.

Juro's deep sandeel fly go's into my personal 'hall of fame' after this trip...

08-13-2000, 09:15 AM
Congrats on what sounded like an exceptional vacation!
Hope to do half as well on my family vacation that starts next Sunday. Two weeks of my own visit to saline heaven, as you put it. :) It's been a long year of waiting...looking forward to "making some memories".
Sounds like I need a few of Juro's sandeels! Hmmm....
Doug B.

08-13-2000, 10:00 AM
Thanks for sharing your reflections.....gives us all hope for our own future vacation endeavors!

Charles Whitehurst

Bob Pink
08-13-2000, 08:38 PM
Yes, make those sandeels. Make them large 6-8" if you will be fishing deeper water from a boat. If you'll be in shallower waters step down a size and use a bit of tan/light olive with some gold - copper colored flash instead of the Rainbow angel hair.
Be prepared to fish deep during the day. By 10:30 one morning every fish that was brought to the boat had red/pink lips from grubbing around on the bottom. Very distinct.

Oh yes, big flys along the beaches at night with slow, steady retrive (no pauses).

08-13-2000, 10:13 PM
Bob -

People often wax about faraway places, the carribean, the west, Europe, New Zealand... but your experiences reinforce the fact that we already live in one of the greatest destinations on earth! Great to hear about your fabulous vacation. Congrats on the fly caught cow. I was fortunate to flag you down a couple times, and that exploratory run around Monomoy was awesome.

Your report of being surrounded by bonito on the Elizabeths convinced me to take a look on a favorite inlet for footballs. They were there, but not like Friday - 5 were reported caught. Saturday afternoon I saw three bonito busts (one within ten feet of me) but every grab was a schoolie or a snapper blue.

Glad the fly works for you! Boy this has been a really great year for sand eels. Dave Pearson and I saw very small pogies beached by last night's blitzes on the Morris Island shoreline this morning. Sand eels, silversides, and small pogies lined the channel into Stage, and except for the blustery conditions and seemingly cooler water, the whole scene screamed "bonito". I think we are at that juncture of the season when summer segues into fall and the exotics settle in.

Yep, it's great to be a flyfisherman on the atlantic coast!