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: 1st Monamoy dropout

05-31-2000, 09:29 PM
Well, my wife left today for 9 days of fun in london. leaving me with both kids!!!!! no fishing!!! can't get babysitting for more than a cpl hrs. So obviously I'm bagging out on the clave, cuz when she gets home she'll want to spend time with the whole family... boy does her timing suck... tonight i had an offer to fish the taunton river by boat with my tying club... picture me tearing out clumps of hair!!!! oh well... she better not mess up the bone clave! : ) have fun guys, and catch a few extra for me! Tom

06-01-2000, 08:19 PM
Well we'll be thinkin' of you as the giant orange sun rises over Chatham and our feet touchdown on one of the few truly untouched pieces of real estate on the seaboard. Glad to see you have your priorities straight though! I know all about that juggling act myself; there will be plenty more trips where that came from but you can't replace moments with the family.

Have fun and we'll see you around the next campfire.