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: Deciding on how to give

04-24-2007, 08:58 PM
I was wondering if anyone has had the same dilemma I have encountered when trying to decide on which environmental action group to donate money too. It seems so many of the organizations out their mirror each others efforts. It also appears that they often act as individual groups instead of as a united front when challenging environmental issues.

I researched a few organizations only to find very well paid directors that seem to be interested in perpetuating there own bureaucracies. As a person of modest means it’s hard to “give” to an organization whose executives earn 5 or 6 times what I do. Not that good people arn't worth the money.
It is also very frustrating when you do make an annual donation and then receive a renewal notification three months later. :mad:

All negativity aside, is it more effective to pick one or two organizations and give a larger donation or spread your money around? Does anyone know if any of these organizations cooperated with each other on specific issues? Do any have published track records of success?

Ive always supported TU in the past both with my time and donation just wondering what might be a good next step.

Some of the organizations I've been considering:
American Rivers
Wilderness Society
National Recourse Defense Council
The Nature Conservancy
National Parks Conservation Association

Just a little food for though

04-25-2007, 07:59 AM
I donate in some way to several orgs each year including TU, Atlantic Salmon Federation, Wild Steelhead Coaltion, Big Brothers, local FF orgs, American Rivers, etc.

Another way to really make a difference is to recycle every bottle, can and paper.

It takes less that 10% of the energy to recycle a can than it does to refine bauxite ore into another one. 90% is a pretty good impact on this especially when hydro dams and aluminum conglomerates on the Columbia are in each other's pockets chopping up smolt and wondering why the fish are down 93% since the 1930's.

Also I vote with ecology in mind. I know there are many dimensions to politics but there is no question how to vote when it comes to the environment. All that other hooha is just not as important to me as the welfare of the earth. To each his own there I guess.

Lastly, education is important. Most people just don't have an appreciation for wild places remaining as they are. Spread the word!

04-25-2007, 08:27 PM
The organization I am involved is Wilderness Society. This organization was detrimental together with their legal non-profit arm Earth Justice in stopping Bush Administration in doing permanent damage in many places in N-W and Alaska, and we are talking about issues like Tongas Forest, key to Salmon and Grizly Habitat in S-E Alaska,
Endengerous Act Species, which itself, if modified according to loggers and miners requirements, would destroy many precious fisheries forever. The Wilderness Society fight for land habitat which is a key to healthy fishery and animal population. They are also, together with Scierra Club, very influential on the Capitol Hill , so your voice canbe heard by politicians what is, as your know, very important……..

American Rivers and ASF are another important organizations!