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: Flyfishing report: Western Mass

04-24-2007, 08:56 PM
I got out this weekend and saw loads of fish soaking up the sunshine :cool: . On saturday I found a bunch of carp in a tiny road-side backwater. Most were just lounging on the surface but some were looking for food. After crouching and stalking and casting around tree branches and cattails I managed to hook and land a couple of 5 lbers and a few bluegills. On Sunday I took the boat out on the river and saw several nice largemouths and a couple pike in a shallow backwater. The largies were waaay in shallow under the brush and floating weeds/muck. Got one largemouth ~2 lbs on the fishair pike fly shown below and had one pike chase a few times but never hit. Tonight after work I fished from a causeway at a local reservoir and caught a few little largemouths and a bluegill on a black rabbit fur leech. This is the time of year when the action picks up so fast that I want to be everywhere at once! :D