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: Fishing report: southeastern MA

04-23-2007, 01:08 PM
I made it out the last two days for the first time this year. I decided to keep it local and hit a local lake instead of making the trek to central MA for trout. Yesterday the wind was nasty so I left the fly rod at home, and based on the results yesterday, I left it home again today!

Lake <name withheld for security reasons> was warmer than I expected, and at first, the fish didn't seem to be in their normal areas. It looks like I was just using the wrong bait though since on my second pass through with a different lure I was doing pretty well. I tried a shad rap (my go-to lure) and some plastics with no success, then switched to a white spinnerbait and the bite was on! I got a small bass to start (~12"). A couple of casts later I got my lunker of the day, which was 3 lbs 14 oz (thanks to my wife for the digital scale :) ). I worked my way around the lake and got nothing, then went back to my honey hole and started bringing in a bunch. I got about 4 or 5 more bass, all 2+ lbs. I also got a 14 oz perch, a couple of big crappies, and one sunfish. All of the bass were on the spinnerbait and the rest were on the shad rap.

I took the day off today to do some work around the house and decided to start the morning with a little time on the water. :smokin: I went with a clear/fleck skirt spinnerbait today and only a few casts in barely away from launching I was into a MONSTER! It gave me a serious workout by going under the float tube a bunch of times before I brought it in. 4 lbs 10 oz on this one. :D The rest of the day was the opposite of yesterday in that all of the other bass were relatively small (1-1.5 lb). I got one that was pushing 2 but didn't weigh it. Everything on the spinnerbait again!

All in all two outstanding days with a total of at least a dozen bass, including two lunkers, plus ~8 pickerel, and a few random other fish thrown in. Oh, and one pissed off snapping turtle that I kicked with a fin. Second time I've done that. Forgive the non-fly-fishing report, but we can't have a fly rod in our hands all the time! :)

04-23-2007, 05:06 PM
but we can't have a fly rod in our hands all the time! :)

sounds like a dare....:hihi:

good report

I have yet to get the flyrod out, but I was able to get the float tube out last weekend.

04-23-2007, 07:25 PM
Sounds like that big bass was fun. Congrats on a nice opening weekend.I found that a white bait worked for me too. White is great for me in the salt this time of year too.
I used a white/gray Baby Sluggo and landed two handsome brookies near my house. Also caught what I think was the world record for the smallest Largemouth on the same little sluggo. He had to be 4-5 inches lol.
If I was striper fishing and if regulations allowed it. I would have left him on for a bigger Instead I out him back carefully for my grandkids some day.
Tommorow my first float tube comes in. Can't wait for the weekend. :biggrin:

04-24-2007, 08:55 AM
Well after the last two days I just couldn't resist sneaking out again this morning before work. I went back to the white spinnerbait and didn't have much luck at first, then things started happening. The first fish of the day, like yesterday, was my lunker (3 lbs 7 oz). Not too much later I got the second nice fish of the day at 2 lbs 10 oz.

After that, most of the bass were between 1-1.5 lbs, with a few decent pickerel and a really hungry crappie thrown in. I hooked one more decent bass that probably ran 2-2.5 lbs or so, but it jumped and threw the hook. It would have made a very nice picture though since it went at least 2 ft out of the water when it threw the hook.

All in all another excellent day on the water. I don't think I've ever gotten three 3.5+ lb bass on 3 consecutive days before!

04-24-2007, 08:27 PM
. . . All in all another excellent day on the water. I don't think I've ever gotten three 3.5+ lb bass on 3 consecutive days before!

Nice! The fishing is usually awesome when the water warms up quickly like this. You can get some really big bass in the early spring :whoa: .