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: Upper Cape: mixed reviews

i'm so outta here
09-24-2000, 08:19 PM
9/23 - Found near legal bass behind the Maratime Academy. Lots of surface action before first light but no hookups. Tons of bait in the water. At sun up, the bait concentration weakened and the fish started ambushing pods in deeper water. As the surface action went dead and the sun poked up above the horizon a little more, the fish suddenly decided my flies looked close enough to the real thing. I landed a couple at 27" and 28". Lots of misses.

9/24 - Not a banner day, but we had a lot of fun despite ourselves. GregO, Jen, and I fished from 5:30 AM to 1:00 PM in a wide range of spots from Sandwich to Plymouth to Falmouth without a single hookup (Wish I could have back those misses from the previous night!) Started at Old Silver Beach, worked our way over to Scorton, slid up to State Beach and ended back down behind Mass Maratime. NADA.

But we did have some fun. Chased a few pods of medium sized blues off Plymouth State Beach that were reachable for about 3 seconds at a pop - that was fun. One pod erupted with Jen right in the middle of the carnage; her words when asked how that felt: "I'm glad as sh%t I'm not a baitfish!"

About the most exciting moment of the day for me was at Eel pond in Pocasset at about 7:30 when I decided to take a little unscheduled dip.... slipped off a rock and went in up to my neck. I wringed out and fished the next few spots soaking wet, but eventually found some dry clothes. Damn, I hate being a clutz

Overall impressions:

1.) Scorton seems fairly dead to me and amazingly overfished.

2.) Seeing only a single pod of Albies near Bourne Marina in the last two days has me thinking our tunoid friends are soon to depart that area, if not already.

I know the Chatham crew faired much better than us, but I leave them to tell their own tales. Juro, how big was that fish??


09-25-2000, 09:06 AM
Spent time fishing with Al & Jen, but also did some late nite romps alone. Also, took the boat out in B-Bay with dad Sat. morning.

Fri night had 3 hookups in Buttermilk, finally landed one 22" schoolie & called it a night. The fish were around, but small & finicky. But the skunk was broken!

Sat. Morning headed out of Phinneys @ 6:15AM with my dad. Rounded the corner & found that there was 40+ boats around Hog I. MMA & the flats. MAN, word gets around. surface action was spurratic with small pods of blues & FAs poopng up here & there. Of course we had boats motoring up on fish & puuting them down. We got on one small pod of FAs, but it was right along the canal markers so we could not anchor up due to the boat traffic (wakes), so we made 3 drifts through with no hookups. Tried Wings Neck, Clevelands & Bird I. Nada. Headed back near the Canal flats; we were marking fish, but they were down & not interested in our offerings. Note water temps. were down in the 66-68 degree range, which should mean exotics will be moving out of the area.

Sat. Nite hit many local shore spots. Again, when I did find breaking fish it was difficult to compete with the baits they where feeding on. A lot of silversides & bunker in different sizes. After a lot of effort, finally hooked up & landed a 17" schoolie on a fly that I tied (an Estey variation), so that was a FIRST for me. However, I snaggged a tree on a backcast & got a nastey line snag, used my swiss army knife to cut off the knotted/tangled leader & left it on the rocks, D'OH sleep depravation!

Al & Jen & I retuned to this spot about 10 hours later on the morning tide & there was NO breaking fish to be found. Where the heck did they go?

Had a lot of fun, but action was far from fast & furious. Al, Jen & I casted our arms off Sunday, so it wasn't from lack of effort.

09-25-2000, 11:18 AM
Sounds like a full schedule, this time of year you gotta get it in before it's too late!

Thanks for the report(s).