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: Disc Brakes!!!!

04-21-2007, 09:36 AM
Did anybody else catch the news regarding the sluffing off of the copper content in the Disc Drag (brake) assemblie of automobile's? This is not a joke for real there is a study that shows that trace amounts of copper are showing up in our salmon and steelhead streams and the source is disc brakes on cars. Apparently the copper makes the fish stupid and susceptible to attacks from predators. How much copper goes into fish hatchery equipment and products associated with keeping things from getting clogged up with slime and moss?
For that matter how many tons of copper bottom anti fouling paint are sluffing off of all the bulk carriers and pleasure boats that are throughout the range of migration of all the anadroumus stocks of fish in the Pacific and Atlantic.
One of my family bios has been telling me for years how Copper River fish (Alaskan Variety) can tolerate copper as they have "evolved" in a copper rich enviroment maybe she was on to something!
I have always associated problems in lower 48 fish stocks around power lines and roads for a lot of reasons maybe there is one major problem that needs to be checked out in more detail. I have always been suspicious of the huge quantites of lead that are dumped into the NW rivers and the herbicides that spradyed on the power lines and road right of ways.
Rather than deal with this one the powers that will be will probably just outlaw fishing at least with copper wire for a hackle wraper, or in the drag disc of a modern fly reel.:confused: