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: LL Bean Streamlight Reels

04-13-2007, 11:42 PM
I just replaced my 3/4 Streamlight reel and am ready to part with it. It's in excellent condition with just a few minor scratches on the frame. It's the green anodized finish. I also have a spare spool for it that was never really used.

The second reel for sale is a Streamlight 5/6. I bought it for a rod for my wife but she never did anything more than lawn cast it once so it's really brand new. It has a 5 weight Sci Anglers entry level line on it that was $30-35 which I can include if you want it.

Price on both reels is negotiable. Make me an offer. I paid $35-40 each for them new plus another $20 for the spare spool on the first one. They're just taking up space so I'd love to get rid of them to get money to buy some gadgets. :)