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10-27-2000, 08:46 AM
Fished a favorite Bourne spot last night. The bait was thick, flopping all around me, closing in behind me wherever I waded. As I was stripping line for my first cast, there was a decent sized break four feet in front of me. The schoolies were feasting, breaks scattered virtually everywhere.

Fished alot of flies, with little success. Then, when the lights went out I pulled out a fly Al had tied for me ("It's a cross between a Coyote Fly and a Bonito Bunny," he says, "The Howlin' Bunny??")and hooked up on the second cast.

Hooked three, caught one, had a bump on every other cast. What I encountered were small schoolies (12-18"), but there were bigger splashes further out. I think if I could cast the distance needed to get out to the deeper channel, I'd have met with some decent sized fish. (someday...)

Except that I was fishing this spot on the incoming for the first time and almost got my #*^&* stranded (ah, the novice FF), it was great fishing. More like late September than Halloween; beautiful, warm, and FISHY!

(Greg, I half expected to run into your dad in his kayak!)

10-27-2000, 09:48 AM
Awesome report Jen, keep 'em coming! Sounds like you have some fish in the neighborhood. Like Art says, the day will come when there are whole family outings and claves. I gotta work on my family!


10-27-2000, 09:54 AM
You should have given him (Fred) a call; I'm sure he would have come down & fished with you. Congrats!!