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: Cotuit/South Cape 7/14-7/18

07-19-2000, 10:05 AM
Fished Cotuit Friday night from 10 to 12. Winds were horrible but I managed about 10 or 12 stripers from 22" to near 30". Small blues were in the mix. Saturday morning was blown out but fish were still present during the day, couldn't cast a fly because of the SE wind. Sunday was still windy but I ventured out on the outgoing tide and had a fish every cast. Stripers and bluefish. All were small, especially the stripers, 14" to maybe 22". Monday had more of the same. Lots of action off of South Cape (Succonessett area) yesterday. Blues from 2 to 5lbs and schoolies on almost every cast. No bonito to report though.

It seems as if this kind of action is a little late this year. The numbers seem to be there but usually this sort of activity is first seen in May or June.

07-19-2000, 09:18 PM
Sounds like some pretty good action Jim. I agree, the season definitely seems offset by a few weeks. I am not complaining, in fact I love the lag time of all these fish on the cape.

Your report motivates me to visit some of my own upper cape hotspots. Ahh, and you mentioned the B word!