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04-03-2007, 08:40 PM
I thought I'd liven up the place a bit and post a photo of a married wing Kate (Kelson's version), one of my favorite winter steelhead flies. This one is tied on a
Alec Jackson Spey Hook #1.5 and will be fished.

The dressing in the order items are tied in:

tip: fine oval silver tinsel
tag: yellow floss
tail: golden pheasant crest (also known as a topping)
butt: black ostrich
body: rear 1/4 red floss; remainder red dubbing applied by using the floss as
a dubbing loop
rib: large oval silver Largartun tinsel
hackle: red rooster neck folded (I used Whiting American Hackle)
wing: underwing is golden pheasant tippet; followed by in order from bottom to
top: Amhearst Pheasant tail; yellow, blue, and red (swan, goose or
turkey); golden pheasant tail (the yellow, blue, red, and G.P. tail are
tied as a Kelson mixed wing (meaning there is only a few fibers of each
married together in order repeated twice)
throat: yellow rooster neck (I used Whiting Amercian Hackle) folded and sparse
sides: pintail (teal or gadwall works too)
roof: bronze mallard (this is tied over the wing)
topping: golden pheasant crest (tied in over the roof)

Now go tie some and fish them. :) They really are very good winter steelhead flies.

Jere Eshelman
04-04-2007, 08:02 AM
Just wondering which days we're going to be fishing this lovely lady?

04-04-2007, 12:42 PM

Not sure yet. I should know before you get here. Hopefully, we well have better success than when we fished together last April.

04-05-2007, 08:13 AM
Great fly Russ!

The wing has a good “fishy” profile. Let us know how you guys do. Its snowing in buffalo this morning.