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: The Serge Vincent SV; Step by step

03-26-2007, 03:21 PM
Howie / Venture.

Thank you for your nice words.
I have heard you, so here is the official pattern.


The Serge Vincent or the SV.

Serge has past away last month at 63. He had the Lou Gherig illness.

For those that had the chance to meet Serge on a river, he was a multi-talented individual.

Writer for many magazines and books on fly fishing, he spent part of his life guiding and transmitting his passion on the Sainte Marguerite River in the Saguenay region, where he met his 20 year long love, Nicole that work's at the Zec office.

Serge was also well known for his knowledge of Atlantic salmon fly fishing, trout fishing and hunting. « If you had a question or needed help he was always available to share his passion ».

He also was a great teacher at the Baie Comeau College giving classes on fly tying, fly fishing for students in forest and river technical management.

Serge was the one that took me under his wing and he shared his talents with me when I was just in my 20s, beginning this incredible sport.

I have created and dedicated this fly to him; '' The Serge Vincent S.V. ''.
I wanted to create a very simple fly that would take Salmon and I really think it will.

To an outstanding man with a great passion.

Hook; Single or double

Thread; Uni 6/0 black

Tag; Fine silver oval tinsel

Butt; Chartreuse floss

Tail; Red body feather from the Golden pheasant

Body; Peacock herl

Ribbing; Medium silver oval tinsel

Body hackle; Saddle hackle dyed insect green

Wing; Grey fox gard hair with some under fur

« For this fly there I have left more body fur than usual, so for fishing put less under fur or it may have a tendency to float ».

Collar; Guinea fowl plumage

Cheek; Jungle cock feather

Head; Black



1- Wind your thread from the front to the back of the hook equally, and tie the tinsel over the hook barb.
Make 4 turns of tinsel and tie. Over the hook point, attach the floss go to the back and come back over to the hook point.

3- Over the hook point tie the red Golden pheasant feather fibres. Bring your thread towards the front; it will equalise the body.

4- After you have tied the tail, attach the oval tinsel over the hook point. Bring your thread back in the front and tie the Peacock herls.

5- Once the Peacock herls are tied over the hook point, come back to where the second rib will be and tie the hackle by the tip.

6- Roll the herl and the ribs than the hackle.

7- The herl and the hackle have been rolled towards the front, tie and cut exceeding materials.

8- Take a good quantity of Grey fox gard hair, equilised it and tie. Cut exceeding hairs.

9- Tie the Guinea fowl by the tip, fold back the fibres roll and tie.

10- Tie the Jungle cock.

11- Finish the head and make a finishing knot.

03-26-2007, 05:05 PM
WOW......That's one very good looking fly. For sure it will catch fish. I'm gonna tie some up in #4s through #10s and make sure that the Serge will be fishing several rivers this season. If will catch fish for sure...

It was very nice to share your story of Serge to all of us. It sounds like he will be missed very much. "Only the good die young"........

03-26-2007, 06:55 PM
Beautiful sequence; very nice tie; great imagination in chosing the background. Looks like a fishy fly:

Do some more!



03-27-2007, 12:18 AM
Nice fly and wonderfully done tying sequence with explanation. Thanks.