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: Looking for a New Setup

03-10-2007, 10:31 PM
Hi everyone,

This is the first time i've looked on here, let alone posted and everyone here seems pretty cool.

Anyway I've been flyfishing probably since i was 10 or so I suppose (I'm 19 now). Currently I still have the same rod and reel setup that my dad got me and my brother way back then. It's definatly nothing special but plenty good for the trout stocking here in New Jersey and the ocassional bass from my neighbors pond. Recently however I've been toying with the idea of working up the money for a new setup and a summer trip to Alaska in between semesters in college. I would like a nice rod and reel combo that can handle the fishing I do here, the average thing I would come up with in a river in Alaska, and possible something that can handle some salt water fishing (my college is 1 mile from the beach and theres quite a bit of stripers and bluefish that are caught down there nothing gigantic mind you of course.). any suggestions would be good.

as far as rods go i'm pretty lost i was assuming something in like the 5 or 6 weight area (probably a little light for the shore but thats more of a just messing around kind of thing)

reels i like the looks of the G-loomis EastFork, Orvis Match center drag, and Ross Evolution reels but please keep in mind that I never used any of these they just seem like pretty nice reels.

Thank you guys for your time,