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: Is the server OK?

03-05-2007, 02:57 PM
I don't know if this is the right place for this post however I have noticed that the server has become incredibly slow over the past few weeks and I thought i should maybe mention it.

This is the case particularly during the day my time, which is 6 hours earlier than EST.

This was previously not the case.
In the past I have noticed that the server was either fast or down for back up or maintenance. Lately it has not been down just really, really slow.


Dble Haul
03-05-2007, 03:19 PM
This came up a few weeks ago and Juro made a short term fix. Do other websites come up okay for you?

03-05-2007, 03:49 PM
It's been a battle lately in more ways than one...

hoping to upgrade administrative software soon.

If the next move fails, we are in for a server upgrade again which is a lot of work.

03-05-2007, 10:10 PM

You have been able to keep this site operational because of your expertice, scotch tape and bubble gum. Pennys and nickles are not know, and so do many of us, that it is going to take dimes and quarters, at least, to do what needs to be done so lets start talking about how to add to the "sponsors" nickles. Other sites seem to have a bunch of things going on that ease the pain($) of operating, maintaining and improving.

Maybe a "post" could be flagged/pinned/locked and anyone who had an idea could post to it and you and a "committee" (volunteers or Russian volunteered by you) could get the ball rolling.

Just my .02$ worth.