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: P.I. Report 5-18(was FF Joppa)

05-18-2000, 08:24 PM
I coined a new phrase today: Whats smaller than a micro? A <b>nano</b>-bass. Boy we saw some today. I hung on till 4:00pm. Man I'm beat. Got to finally meet Bill Downing and Pete and Mitch. I've been snapping photos on my last 2 trips to PI to get rid of film so I could develop the Clave shots. I got a beauty this am looking down the beach, guys walking,
fishing, standing around. Half the on-liners in attendance. We gotta put up a P.I photo page. Very cool.
Bass today were very small. The bigger striper lot from previous sat. had moved on/out/ up wherever they go. After catching twinkies for a while the grown-ups thinned out to go to work. Final crew: Me, Bob, Pete, and Mitch. Bob and I did the death march to jetty and started picking up twinkies in the surf until Mr. Fat Seal showed up-game over. Then
everyone went off to work leaving me with the river to myself. Took a cruise to Salsbury side. Poked around. Access to secret spot blocked. Saw the chain bridge. Nice spot too.
Returned to P.I. , wind kicked up to 40+. Fished beach by Surfland- nada. Back to river. 2 foot white caps at Party boat. Got a couple more nanos down by 1st corner. Had a long conversation with a guide named Gerry Crete aka:"frenchy". Anyone know of him? Wow, free fishing and tying lesson riveside. The out going was setting up to a good looking low tonight. Anyone catch it?
All in all- good time. Off to bed.


i'm so outta here
05-19-2000, 05:13 PM

My nano casts would be perfectly suited to those fish. Let me at 'em!

I seem to remember a "frenchy." My faulty brain thinks he was one of the first to post to this board. Maybe you met him?? Maybe I'm wet.

Monomoy clave!

05-21-2000, 09:51 PM
5-21-00 : PI Again

Took my son up to throw flies at PI Sunday night. Talk about nano-fish! My son started razzing me about putting the last three fish together to make one schoolie! The guy next to us was getting a real charge out of his Rodney Dangerfield panache.

We took 20-25 schoolies between 6-8pm with most being teeeny weeeny little brats. Only a few got over 20", it was strange. As we were contemplating leaving, I hooked a heavy fish. He had already reeled up and I handed him the rod. The fish swam toward him and so he started with the comedy schtick again, suddenly the fish turned and ripped line out into the river. He choked under the pressure and hard-palmed the fish right off with a sharp recoil on the second hard surface boil. We called it a night on that note. It was nice to fly fish with the video-gaming, girl-crazy teen who shares my roof and last name.

BTW - We saw large black eels swimming along the edge tonight. We also noted a serious lack of good sized fish up and down the line. I'm wondering if the presence of black eels had the larger fish thinking about other forage? It was no problem to get chunky fish to hit the sand eel flies but not so tonight. With the exception of a few, the fish were real twinkies.

Time to start running bigger tinker mackerel and 2nd year herring patterns soon.