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: Danielsson 8eleven!

03-04-2007, 05:20 PM
I found out that we can still order the LW 8eleven from Ron Larson, which is in between the 6nine and 8twelve. Call Ron at our sponsor Danielsson Flyreels in Oregon for details.

This is a reel that is suitable for a broad range of applications which in my opinion includes most mid-range saltwater fishing from bonefish, stripers to tarpon and lighter spey applications as well.

I would classify it as a true large arbor high performance reel with a price point that makes it irresistable. This reel offers a real large arbor design without paying for the extra metal in weight balance.

But the most compelling feature of Danielsson reels for me is the durability and reliability in saltwater conditions. Even though the LW is the lighter duty cousin of the HD series (brick sh*thouse reels) no reel I have ever owned has come close to corrosion resistance and performance even though some have cost me twice as much. I am sold on these reels, they have passed the test of time and hard use in my line-up.

The 8eleven offers a very large diameter spool but is so light it balances the 9wt nicely yet offers a very high large arbor pickup speed and the proven Swedish engineering and aesthetics the Swedes are famous for... s-e-x-y :cool:

It's not advertised on the site or brochures but you can get one direct from Oregon.

I can't wait to give mine the road test this spring. If you are looking for a size between the 6nine and 8twelve give this reel a look. I will have mine at the Spring Clave along with the 6nine and 8twelve.


03-05-2007, 07:03 AM
Wished I had known they had the 8Eleven. I bought a an LW 8twelve a couple months ago for a 9 wt. because the 6Nine would have lacked the capacity I wanted w/ 30# Micron ( my fingers REALLY don't like gelspun). Oh well, looks like I'll have to start saving for another and maybe a 6nine also !!!! They are a an unbeleivable reel for the price.

03-09-2007, 12:32 PM

Are you ready.... see photo and discriptions:

I would like to upload pdf with all Danielsson reels specifications, unluding lince capacity
and even spool volume, but I have problem to upload it.
I always get error message when try to upload ( pdf, jpg)
Did not have such problems with that on Speypages.