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: PI Report 5-20 AM Low

05-20-2000, 12:34 PM
Pretty much more of the same, except not as good as it was last night! Of the fly guys I spoke to, it seemed the action was off. I met Brian Z and several others who did not give this morning anywhere near the rating of recent tide changes.

I fished with Bill H, who hooked up several times using unconventional fly presentation and between the two of us we did a dozen or more. I kept my line out most of the morning due to crowding but it seemed every time I probed there were fish where they were the night before. Some chunkies over 24" but no K's. I presume the bigger fish are in on the Cape and on their way north.

The gear anglers slammed them as usual but I did not see any keepers in the line this AM.

Bob - same stuff, great results by sunlight... though not nearly as good as evening. The normal retrieve period at slack never happened.

Terry - wish I stayed! Would have been good to hook up with you again, I actually called your cell phone while in that nasty 495 traffic.

Ssully - was that you with your son?


05-20-2000, 09:57 PM
Not me or him. I stayed home for baseball games and the Honeydew list. Honey do this, honey do that!