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03-02-2007, 01:26 PM
The Bonefishmon & Family needs to get warm starting on the 18th of March. I know. Last minute opportunity with blessings from the boss make finding affordable flights next to impossible what with Spring Break Season and all. Family wants to go so I must adhere to a budget. Leaving from the Ct, RI, Ma area airports.

If any off you are aware of any specials to PR, please let me know. We procrastinated on the passports and I need to see silver. It's been way too long.


03-03-2007, 10:02 AM
Just use orbitz and travelocity. You get the range of otptions.

Looks like the dirt cheap flights are gone. Try jet blue they are offering real low fares to SJU.

03-04-2007, 04:55 PM
Hey Phil -

How are you doing on the search? What kind of trip are you thinking about and what price range?

In San Juan Condado and Isla Verde are very nice but upper shelf. Right on the beach. If you can book with a guide right there near the airport you should be into some action as Fred and basser will attest.

Culebra is very nice, you can take a cheap flight from SJU to Culebra and hang at Mamacitas or next door, better book ahead. Zoni beach is my favorite. Rent a jeep but stay clear of Thrifty. Rooms for about $110/night for a small family I would guess. Camping on Flamenco Beach is nice if your family is into that. I drove to the ferry but the flights are pretty cheap. If you rent a car in SJU it's $30 extra to drop it in Fajardo (well close to Fajardo in Del Ray Marina). Long drive with lots of traffic to Fajardo. Ferry is $2.50 per person but I think I would fly next time to maximize time on Culebra. About $50 per person each way.

Cabo Rojo is a long ass drive but gorgeous. Family may not enjoy it as much but between Boqueron, Cabo Rojo, Joyuda, Paraguera and Guanica there are many many places to unwind and enjoy things. I didn't look into it but a flight to Cabo Rojo might be the way to go and it's probably cheap. I know there are flights to Mayaguez just to the north. Porta Del Sol is the region, much less touristy and raw natural beauty than SJU of course, Culebra is wild yet accomodating to touristas.

If you can get in with Chris Goldmark at Culebra he is the real deal. Mamacitas is great food as is Dingy Dock. Drinks are even better :)

Tarpon up to 100# cruising everywhere. You should get a jeep on Culebra.

Haven't been to Vieques.

03-06-2007, 04:23 PM
Phil - here's a bump

My opinion... San Juan = a shorter more inten$e vacation with tarpon right there with a guide, kind of like FLL or MIA at a smaller scale. Family might like it better depending on their preferences.

Culebra = a longer less expensive vacation more like Nantucket with palm trees and tarpon. Some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see, and a lazy island feel without a lot of frills. Good food and drink at Mamacita's and the Dinghy Dock among other hidden treasures around the island. Not much more than that though, minimalist conveniences and close to nature feel although there is an airport that has cheap flights to/from SJU.

Vieques = never been there. Hear it's nice.

It all beats the heck out of this brutal weather.