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: Intermediate lines for the Atlantis/Oceana

02-28-2007, 07:02 PM
Finally got around to putting the Rio Outbound 14 wt intermediate tip line I bought last year from Bear's Den onto my Lamson reel in preparation for the upcoming season with my trusty Atlantis 1111 two-hander. Checked the Bear's Den site for a back-up in case anything happened to that line, only to find that Rio no longer makes the Outbound in the 13 and 14 wt sizes recommended for the Atlantis/Oceana 1111. Furthermore, Airflo is apparently overhauling their specialty line designed for the same rod, and it is not currently available (except as a "reservation") on the Bear's Den site.
Juro- any inside skinny on the situation with these and similar lines for the two-handed surf rod? It would really suck for me to fall in love with the 14wt Outbound line, only to find out that I'll be able to use it only for the life of the one line I have now....:(

03-01-2007, 11:05 AM
Hey Flydoc ;when I first started throwing the rio outbound 14 wt.on the 11x11, I thought the line was perfect for this rod,over time I've come to the conclusion this line overloads the rod too much for my liking.I would much rather lower the amount of grains in the head and make up for it by shooting more running line into the backcast.This is just my style of casting it may not work for you.Have you ever had the chance to cast the wulff 12 wt intermediate bermuda line on this rod?It's a 105ft. line match it with a 8 or 9 ft leader ,thats 114 ft plus some of the backing that will come out with it,not much shorter than the 123 ft rio.:hihi: :chuckle: :)

03-01-2007, 07:35 PM
Just as i was sizing up a plus sz Outbound, RIO dropped them. Thought some would surface on the auction site but not one yet in close to a year.

My current plan is to attpt a decent fit with a cut to length/weight spey head, No lack of those.

I've read posts by members using a RIO 450 skagit & tip on the All-rounder, has anyone tried a skagit head on the 11/12?

Thanks..... SG

03-01-2007, 07:48 PM

Not sure what the grain wt of Outbound 14* is but the Airflo 40+ Beach Line that Bears Den has in 11-12 wt comes in at around 552 grains. They did have it on "special" 'cause Airflo is in process of introducing their "ridge construction" running line to that line. I found the running line on the Airflo to be outstanding, before thay started the "fix what aint broke" deal for the ridge line. Talk with Scott at Bears Den, he is the one who told me the grain wt..they did have both intermed and sinking on special, a while back....look at their e-bay store.

See you May 19-20 - Spring Clave. Booked at Stone Horse 18th and 19th.

Pete Readel

03-01-2007, 08:09 PM
Thanks for the responses guys. I failed to mention in my original post that the reason I bought the 14 wt Outbound in the first place was that the 40+ Airflo intermediate beach line I started out with just didn't seem to be loading the rod enough, and I was having to use too many false casts (with wind knots being a frequent result) to feed line into the backcasts and get the line speed up. Just when I finally get the Outbound spooled up, they drop it in anything over 12 wt. I might be willing to give the new Airflo line a try, but only if it has more grains than the old one.
Paul- I do have an unopened Wulff Bermuda Taper intermediate in 12 wt (bought it shortly before the Aiflo lines came out, so never used), so I guess that will be my back up line for now until I hear more feedback on the new and ?improved Airflo intermediate line.
Thanks again, and see you all at the Clave.

03-02-2007, 05:44 AM
Hey Doc -

Looking forward to a two-hand session during the clave.

My experience has been that pretty much anything in the grain range wirh a good taper over the length of 38-42 feet is a pleasure to cast. That range is from 500-600 grains yes i know thats a big swing but the Wulff is light but feels great, the Rio is heavy but makes certain conditions easy to deal with. 550 is middle of the line, 38 ft is my favortie length and taper is very important.

You might have the short 40+ as there was a batch of them. Try putting a tape to the dark part.

Anyway did you end up with any of those S.A. shooting heads that Orvis was dumping at $20 ea? What a perfect match.

Also the old airflo shooting heads were rockets on it too.

I will bring my whole bucket of lines for you to try in May.

03-02-2007, 12:00 PM

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03-04-2007, 02:06 PM
Here's a combo that might work (thanks to some insightful input from Pete aka PopnesetBay), although a bit longer than what Juro prefers:

-Rio Aqualux 9 wt Intermediate tip- 129 grains, 15 ft
-Rio Skagit Tip- 450 grains, 27.5 ft
- Rio 50 lb SlickShooter running line- 115 ft

That gives a head length of 42.5 ft with about 580 grains; I suppose one could even get a slightly heavier (10 or 11 wt) Aqualux tip and trim off the back 3 ft or so before splicing it to the Skagit head, to end up with a shorter but similarly grained head.
Anybody tried such a combo of intermediate tip and Skagit head on the two-handers yet?

03-04-2007, 03:00 PM

They did have it on "special" 'cause Airflo is in process of introducing their "ridge construction" running line to that line. I found the running line on the Airflo to be outstanding, before thay started the "fix what aint broke" deal for the ridge line.

I'm currently usling the Guideline LRL Ridge running line in my steelhead fishing -- made by Airflo for Guideline. If you think the old Airflo running line was great, wait till you use the Ridge one. In four days of intense fishing, I had one -- count 'em -- one tangle. Goes nearly as well as mono and it sheds water so your hands stay drier. The core is very low stretch so hooksets should be better.

I have the 35' Airflo Beach in intermediate and Type 9 -- works fine for me on the 1111. However, the 9/10 is still a work-in-progress to dial in the right line. Currently using the SA 400 grain intermediate, but the thing casts like a brick.

03-06-2007, 08:45 PM
Flydoc - Peter-s-c

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03-06-2007, 09:20 PM
I use skagit line full floaters on my CNDs and they work pretty well. A decent option. I only have used them as full floaters though as that is what I fish most often. The 450 with a 150gr floating tip is good. That and the now unavailable rio outbounds are what I use and the big rod. Also have one of those discontinued orvis floating heads which is nice as well. The skagit line with an intermediate tip might be OK.

If I was going there I would just get a guideline shooting head in the sink rate you want and cut to size. They cast very well overhead. A 10/11 cut to around 38' is nice.

I have some of the airflo beach lines somewhere. Both the intermediate and type 9. the type 9 goes pretty good but I think the intermediate is kind of a clunker. Do not use them anymore.

For the smaller rod the 10wt rio outbounds are about as good as it gets. The intermediate is really nice on that rod.

I had cut all my running lines off and was using the airflo tactical running line which is (and still is) nice. However will be switching over to use the new airflo ridge line. Same as guideline but $10 cheaper. I have both the guidelines and airflo and there is really no difference except you get a nice welded loop on the airflo one for switching out heads easy. Not quite the shooter as a mono line is but close and infinitely more manageable.