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: Passing of Serge J Vincent

02-27-2007, 04:25 PM
Serge has past away last week at 63. He had the Lou Gherig illness.

For those that had the chance to meet Serge on a river, he was a multi-talented individual.

Writer for many magazines and books on fly fishing, he spent part of his life guiding and transmitting his passion on the Sainte Marguerite river in the Saguenay region, where he met his 20 year long love, Nicole that work's at the Zec office.

Serge was also well kown for his knowledge of Atlantic Salmon fly fishing, trout fishing and hunting. « If you had a question or needed help he was always available to share his passion ».

He also was a great theacher at the Baie Comeau college giving classes on fly tying, fly fishing for students in forest and river technical management.

Serge was the one that took me under his wing and he shared his talents with me when I was just in my 20s, begining this incredible sport.

I have created and dedicated this fly to him; '' The Serge Vincent S.V. ''. I wanted to create a very simple fly that would take Salmon and I realy think it will.

To an outstanding man with a great passion.

André Bélaieff