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: Monomoy Sunday report

06-12-2000, 06:54 AM
Chuck, Rich and I got to North Monomoy around 11am and fished until 2ish. Some terns working here and there but no signs of fish we waded the flats a bit. The water was very cold and a fog was starting to come in because of a sudden temperature change so we went for the Crib area. Called Mike Powers who was in a kayak to alert him of the possible fog situation, he was coming up the west side of South Monomoy when we and had not gotten anything. We met up with Terry and could see the Esteys out on the west side of the island. The current flow at what I believe to be the Crib incredible, kinda unfishable as the wind was in line with the current flow. The four of us fished our way back on the east side on our way to the pick up point. No luck. we discussed hitting south island and decided against it, lack of sleep had finally caught up with us. Gotta go to work now..... It was a fantastic experience.

06-12-2000, 08:13 AM
Terry, Mike and I got to Monomoy at about 10:45 and headed over to the flats. Terry and I worked the flats for a bit while Mike headed south. Being dead at the flats, Terry and I headed south to meet up with Mike, Jim and the rest. Mike and I fished the dropping tide until we were within casting distance of South Island. We saw the other guys head back but decided to tough it out - besides we were seeing unbelieveable numbers of sand eels being pushed by the current and the occasional really big bass. Despite all the bait Mike was only able to pick up one and I was working on the skunk. With two hours left to the pick up we decided to work the channel back up the island where I was able to pick up a few schoolies. All in all it was a pretty good day though Saturday on South Beach was much better.

Jay C.
06-12-2000, 08:19 AM
Hi All,

Casting clinic, food, Monomoy, and fishing buddies. It doesn't get any better, especially when the weather holds
for most of the event. Thanks to all and thanks for making Diane feel comfortable (although we exhausted her completely, physically, ha !)

A nod to the new Pope too.....


06-12-2000, 07:15 PM
Correction to my previous post:
It was not the Crib that we fished on the way out it was just the south east corner of the island, but the current was fierce.

I talked to Mike Powers on the way home (3ish) he was still out there and had gotten one. Thanks to Juro and John for the casting clinic, although it may not have been apparent at the time I know the advice is really going help me improve my cast. Meatballs, catapults and tunnels of light right. That reminds me, Thank you Jay and Diane for the meal on Friday, it was great.

06-13-2000, 11:43 AM
Got to the Rip Ryder launch point at about 6:45 AM. Met a pair of sleep deprived guys doing the "walk of the living dead", Brian Zinck and Eric Roach, who were there for the 6:00 AM shuttle. I advised them that uncertain weather had altered the plans for the early shuttle. We grabbed the 8:00 AM shuttle to North Monomony. While hanging on the causeway I decided to change lines and created a monster rats nest (don't ask). Anyhow, at the drop-off point I told Brian and Rick to go on and I'd probably catch up with them later and proceeded to unravel the mess I'd made. Just as I was finishing with my rigging another shuttle dropped off a lone flyguy. The guys name was/is Gary, very bouyant and obviously glad to be there. We chatted on our way to the west side and when I told him this was my first time out there he offered let me tag along. He advised that he liked to keep moving and was passionate about sight fishing. My incompetence with the line change led to a chance meeting and hookup with someone very knowlegeble with the place and how to fish it.

We waded out in a direction towards Hardings Beach, I guess. With the outgoing Gary advised that the fish would tend to be moving left to right. Not long after starting out fish were breaking in front of us, just out of casting range. I then saw a change in the look of the water (counter current movement?) but couldn't decide what it was until a pod of about 20 fish were 15 feet in front of me. At that range I couldn't do anything about it so I froze and advised Gary. He nonchalantly cast and hooked up immediately. I then cast and started stripping, then as I started to pickup for another cast a couple of fish start chasing my fly - and what do I do, I play keepaway. Oh well. Over the next ten minutes we sight a couple of smaller groups of larger fish and Gary gets a fish from each group. One was in the 26 to 30" range and had Gary into backing. We continued moving out but things pretty much died. This was about two hours into the dropping tide. Gary advised that prime time on that flat was throughout the incoming and the early part of the drop. We moved back towards shore looking for stragglers. I didn't get any fish but had a great time, learned how to fish a small piece of the place and had the pleasure of enthusiastic company. I will be back soon.

Fred A.

06-13-2000, 05:32 PM
Fred -

Glad you had a fun adventure despite our loss of continuity on Sunday. Sounds like you were fishing the northwest side of NM, perhaps past the humps to the upper Common flats?

Brian and Rick -

My humble apologies for the last minute change in plans, with even less sleep than you two probably had shared between the entire group we were oblivious to all schedules and plans. Hope you had a good outing anyway.

I hope to visit again before the flats warm up too much and the fish get dour, please contact me for a mini-clave if you are interested in a smaller make-up excursion.

06-13-2000, 09:17 PM
Juro and all:

First, thanks for a great chance to put faces to the names I see here on the board. I had a great time with everyone and hope to meet the rest of you in following claves.

Secondly, as I mentioned at the camp on Saturday afternoon, I am planning a Monomoy reunion for a one day trip sometime in late June. I am looking at Friday, June 30th as a tentative date. My thinking is that by sticking to a weekday, we will encounter far fewer fisherpeople. I am not looking to do anything out of the ordinary for shuttle arrangements other than get on an 8am shuttle with either Keith or the Outermost harbor. Hopefully, the temps will have warmed up on N. Monomoy waters slightly to get the fish
more, if anyone is interested, let me know. I will try to pin down a definite date by the end of this week and then post a thread.

Thanks again to Juro and the rest of you for a great time !!