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: 6/17 Late Merrimack River report

06-19-2000, 10:03 AM
Went on a last minute unscheduled trip. My buddy called me at 10:00 P.M. on Firday night for an early Saturday river run.

Fished from the Route 1 bridge down to the mouth. Lots of micro bass on drifts along Woodbridge Island down to the Captains Lady charter boats. Lots of boats and surf guy's.

I had just one very large fish follow up to the boat but turn off when she saw the hull. She chased a 9" sluggo with a fly teaser up front.


FWIW, Joppa is loaded with 2" green crabs.

06-20-2000, 09:40 PM
Thanks for the report Sully.

I am no crab expert, but I've also seen other crab species in addition to the green crabs you mention on Joppa. Some are black with orange highlights, others are brown and yellow, some are tan with tiny orange spots and others are green. This is not including the spider crabs or hermit crabs and fiddlers.

Frankly, the black and orange look terribly unappetizing. Their shells are hard and they are fat and hardy. When compared to a blue of the same size, they look like an arachnid as opposed to a crustacean. I'd be curious to know if stripers eat those guys as well as the others.

Time to break out the Audubon Field Guides!