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: South Beach report 7-4

07-04-2000, 07:28 PM
Mike and I made the walk to just south of the Rip Ryder drop off on South beach and made our first casts by 4am. The action was slow with a few taken on a dark clouser until things lightened up and then a few more on sparse olive/white sand eels. The wind had put a good chop on the water and sighting fish at a reasonable distance was a no go. Mike called it quits at about 10 and I decided to tough it out and maybe learn something. I did.

I had thrown everything in my flybox with the exception of a crab fly and had no takers. I figured the crab fly wouldn't work because the current was moving strong enough to keep my fly off the bottom. Then I remembered seeing crabs rolling along helpless in the current earlier in the day and figured what have I got to lose. I tied on the crab and cast across the current and gave it a twitch every now and then. Pure magic! The fishing went from dead to hot and they were nice sized. I got a bunch in the 23" to 27" inch category, 4 or 5 last years keepers, and two this years keepers (30" & 32"). As the tide neared high the fish dispersed and the action died so I decided to try the surf side. I met a couple other flyfishers there who had done nothing and after hearing of my success they decided to try it out even though I told them things had calmed down. I took their spot on the beach and started throwing a chartreuse deep sand eel type thing. Within ten minutes I had hooked and landed a 35 incher and half an hour later a 30 incher. I had to horse the 30 incher in because a seal was checking him out and I didn't want to get caught live lining for seals. All the fish went back for someone else to enjoy and I don't think the seal got the one he had his eyes on.

With the seal presence a problem and the tide still high on the flats I started the one hour walk back to the car. All in all an Idependence Day I wont soon forget. Mike is going to seriously kick himself when he hears this report.

07-05-2000, 08:25 PM
Wow Gregg, those are some great fireworks you're lighting off on South Beach lately. Have you thought about a kayak from the causeway to access some of the spots you're fishing? Tide flow and wind would restrict these antics but it might open some options up as well...

07-06-2000, 09:52 AM
Yeah we have thought about kayaks and I'm sure it would be a blast but alas we don't have one. Perhaps if we scrape our pennies together for a rental we'll give it a shot. It would certainly be a lot easier on the legs.

As a PS Mike was walking back that day and decided he just had to catch a couple more fish before he left and started flinging his fly again at the Rip Ryder drop off while working north. After changing from the sparse olive/white sand eel to a gaudy chartreuse and flashy deep sand eel thing he started hitting fish after fish in the 20" to 30" range. So he really didn't kick himself after hearing my tale.