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: Westport- Cuttyhunk report....

Capt. Ruben Perez
07-13-2000, 07:14 PM
Fished Westport and up top cuttyhunk. Several schoolies were working bait, with some bird action. Great on 9 wt's. They were chasing the small flies, surf candies, and crab flies worked best.

Only one keeper was cought and released, water was 69 degrees, could explain the lack of size fish. All aboad had a great time though.

best, Capt. Ruben Perez

07-14-2000, 11:01 PM
Good to hear from one of the legendary hotspots of the atlantic coast. I have an o-l-d American Sportsman issue that shows Joe Brooks catching huge stripers in the surfline mid-day at Cuttyhunk.

I look forward to hearing your reports of bonito and false albacore when they show up in your area.