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: Belize bonefish pattern help

02-14-2007, 05:20 PM
Hey guys.
I just got an email from a shop i tie for and i need to put together a box for a trip to Belize for bones. I am not up on whats hot so i come here looking for help.
Any and all suggestions as to which patterns(say a deadly 1/2 dozen), sizes, sparse or not,, you know what i need to hear.
Thanks in advance lads.
Dwayne Miller
aka Salmon Chaser

02-15-2007, 02:09 PM
my suggestion: tie most small and with weedguards. many flats are either grass or coral.

most any pattern shoud work if it's the right size/wt. i recall missing links, squimps, ben's epoxy and greg's flats fly working well in tan.

02-15-2007, 04:52 PM
Ditto on small. I went down there with a lot of 6 and 8 with some 10 and these did very well. My guide picked mostly 8, then 6 and once had me go down to a 10. My best pattern all week was the Bonefish Scampi. Made them with and without weedguards, lead, and bead chain. Drove them nuts, even when it was just sitting on the bottom.

These are mostly small Bones, topping out at around 4.5 pounds.

Also, there's a little bit of everything around Ambergris, but one thing for sure is that there is definitely a lot of grass.

02-15-2007, 06:37 PM
6lb- 8lb test for the guard?? Thanks for the tips guys,, i was beginning to think i was a leper or something:confused: Gonna have to dig for some smaller hooks but other than that I'am all over it!!!
Thanks once again.

02-16-2007, 08:15 AM
I like to use a single post of 15# masons hard mono for the weedguard down to size 6. You could go lighter if you tie a moustache -style weedguard.

Do a search on this forum there have been some good discussions about this.

02-26-2007, 10:55 AM
Many thanks for the assistance lads. Thank God for forums like this!!
Salmon Chaser