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: Maui fishing recommendations

02-13-2007, 04:15 PM
Hi all,
The wife just won a five day Maui vacation and she is allowing me to come along...It thought that was quite decent of her. Even better, I get to go fishing out there. While I am sure there is not much in the way of fly fishing on Maui, I would love to here some recommendations for light tackle or even offshore fishing there if any of you have personal experience....


October Caddis
02-15-2007, 03:55 PM
There is fly fishing on Maui but not a whole lot. There are flats on the west side, small and a large one on the southside. If you are in Lahina and walk down the beach to the south or left looking at the water untill you can not walk anymore, not far. There is a small cove that is waist deep lot's of sand and corral heads and hard to fish. But at the very south end of it the channel cuts out to open ocean and bones and small trevally use this 4 foot deep channel to move in and out. Best just before dark so bring a flash light so you don't keep bumping into corral heads on your walk back to the beach. I used to fish this spot often when living there always had a fish on be it imcomming or out going tide. Would swing and strip a popper or clouser through current. I have had both bones and trevally spool me there. One other note, lots of reef tip sharks come in there at dark only about 3 to 5 feet long. Don't worry thet are harmless and are very curious as to what you are doing. They swim up to you take a look and head off only to come back and take another look. I used to like to stand on a corral head for awhile and watch them do their hunting routine. This little cove has a sea wall and houses around it so you will know when you have made it to the place.

There is a big flat on the Kehie side. I forget the name of the beach now but it is just off the only point in Kehie, there is a resort or condo out there and sometimes wind surfers in the afternoon. There are tones of bones on these flats but they move fast. If you get an imcomming tide at first light you will get a chance to make a cast you just got to pick them out and first light is hard but it can be done. Once the Islanders start their daily hunt for seaweed just after sun comes up fish get real spooky. Just keep wading further out toward the outer reef. I always would wear a head lamp enter the water before light and get aways out on flat so to be ahead of seaweed gathers. There is always a lot of seaweed(limo) along the shore but once you walk out on the flat 50 feet it is a clear flat unless there is a south swell and there should not be until late May.

Offshore fishing on a charter boat is a rip off but it will get you out to the other side of the the Island of Lani and out to the K Bouy. You may hook a marlin or a Mahi even small Ahi. You will see lots of diving gulls, feeding tuna and whales if you are going soon. I don't think they will let you use your fly rod even though they are charging you a small fortune.
Have fun