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02-13-2007, 12:34 AM
I stuffed dozens of flies into plastic cases last year and then carried them on the boat all season, so you can imagine what they looked like by Oct. I must have had 20 dozen flies all rolled up into balls, twisted and tangled. The ones in my fly wallets weren`t much better. These were all brand new, never seen the water. I can`t stand to leave them home and carry only the few that I will use. It would be a sure bet that I will have 6 to 7 hundred flies on me at a time. Hell I carry a couple of dozen just to go to a meeting to show off new ideas!
So now here I have probably a thousand dollars worth of my best stuff mashed into a tangeled mess. I had to do somthing to get them in fishable condition. So I started to ask around about how to fix them. I got lots of suggestions from steaming to ironing, but anyone who has seen my stuff knows it`s allmost all synthetics. Most of the ideas were ruled out because they would destroy the flies, anything too hot and I would end up with a melted mess.
So I was left with the simplest method in the end and finally got started tonight. I laid out paper towels on the kitchen counter and carted my heavyest books downstairs. Stringing the flies on a bodkin 4 at a time I ran them under the tap with the hottest water for a couple of minutes and then laid them out on the paper and covered with another layer and then put books on top to press them flat.
Success! They may not be perfect but they`re good as new, some of the worst ones will probably take a couple of tries, but they`ll all be useable again. This KISS method will work if you have flies that you need to recondition because of tangling and curling.
Thank God I didn`t have to throw them all out. It would have given me a stroke, never mind breaking the bank! The hooks alone are irreplaceable. It will take a few nights to go thru them all but I got a good start tonight doing about 6 dozen. I`m a victim of my own compulsion, I can`t take just 6 or 7 of each with me and replace them as needed. I have to take them all!

02-13-2007, 05:23 AM
I know where there are a few of your flies in perfect condition! In my fly box. LOL!!!!! Perhaps it's time you considered production tying since it is something you love to do. You give so many of them away (I'm not complaining) just think how happy you would be if they turned into $$$. I'll be your first customer. Three dozen DNA's please. Where do I send the check?


Sean Juan
02-14-2007, 09:07 AM
Man I am in the exact same position, I carry two overstuffed finsport fly wallets with enough flies to fill a shop - hey they wouldn't make unique hair in all those colors for no reason.

I'll give your method a try - mine has been the ever more painful pour water from a boiling kettle over them.

Maybe I'll buy one of those vacumn food packers and store my flies that way.

02-14-2007, 05:25 PM
I love those FinSport wallets, I`ve got 5, that look like overstuffed bratwurst. There is a fine line between straightening and destroying synthetics.