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02-12-2007, 11:09 PM
My friend, Jim the Bugman and I will be fishing Zone 4 for the first time on July 4. Outside of Whitehouse, I think this is the only zone which we have not fished. We intend to give Gros Saumon a pass or two but other than that any help on which pools to focus would be appreciated. The Zec site talks about fording the river above Dog Pool to access lower pools?
Thanks in advance. Axel.

02-13-2007, 05:56 AM
Morning Axel,

Gros Saumon Parking lot:
Gros Saumon is one the main holding pools in this sector. however:
I would certainly take a hike at "Alfred" (above Gros Saumon).

The first parking lot ( the one below Gros Saumon).
Go down the stairs and walk up river...make a few passes at Cedre and Still pool
Then cross the river ( facing the stairs) and down river to Dog and Dog Run.
You can also explore other pools below Dog Run...


Ann :)

02-13-2007, 06:54 PM
Hi Ann, Jim Corrigan here. Happy Birthday!!!

Thanks for the great info on getting around Sector 4. As Axe said, we've not seen it before. We're really looking forward to doing a bit of exploring in this great looking water.

I'm old and flabby now :chuckle: ... is the cross above Dog a nice easy trot across a gravel bar or a hair-raising teeter along the top of a razorback ledge?:rolleyes:

Just wondering if I should bring a Personal Floatation Device. :eek:


02-13-2007, 07:36 PM
OOoooooooo!!! :confused:

Jim, not to worry...

it's about waters below the knee..if not less. Crossing and walking with the current (down river) will go smoothly. To return, start a little higher and work your way down to the other side.

If the river is very high, tell you what..I'll leave a canoe there for you!! :)

Ah!! Les Poissons!!!


02-16-2007, 10:23 PM
Thanks Ann!

I developed my 'chicken' wading status after trying to get to a number of the Pools on your great Gaspe rivers ...

How about 'Ledges' on the Dartmouth??? We tried to fish this pool a few years ago. We gave up - after failing to see how to get near the pool. The only way that we could see was to tip-toe along the top of a 45 degree rock face.:eek:

How about the fabled 'Falls' pool in Sector Two on the Dartmouth? When we asked somebody at the ZEC about fishing the Falls Pool, he said in a philosophical tone: "Well, it CAN be fished."

We're determined, and we had Sector 2. Axel's last words on going up to the falls were: "Don't try to bring any extra gear." Then, he disappeared over the first knife-edged ledge.

I got over one ledge edge (with my rod between my teeth!) before I gave up. I waited down below for Axel while he fished the pool. After he came down, he said: "I was crazy to try to fish that pool."

I got caught on the 'wrong side' of Castor Pool on the York on a rainy afternoon in late September. I nearly slid into the depths while trying to get back. You know the place ...

So, I was a bit queasy about crossing the river in the only place where boats are recommended for high water (York - Sector 4).

Thanks for the comforting words!:)

Jim Corrigan