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: The Ghosts of the Matane

02-11-2007, 01:49 AM
I have just signed on and although I live in Vancouver I miss my days flyfishing for salmon in Gaspe, especially my first years "learning" on the Matane in the '70's
I have just come across the thread about the Hotel Metropole having reopened
and the comments abouts the "ghosts of the Matane".
I had spent many times fishing with John Cuco at some of his "secret spots" north of Montreal or listening to his fishing "fables" at his place in Montreal-east.
I remember Bob Strong and his wife (loved her pies) at his trailer and have spent many hours fishing with him together and listened to his memories as a Pilot in WWII.
And George Maul, what a character and excellent flytier. I still use his style of tying the Hairwing Black Dose. All happy memories now.
Does anyone know what has become of them and when they passed on and ascended to fishing heaven?

02-13-2007, 09:44 AM
I know Bob Strong and George Maul have both passed along many years ago with many others who fished the Matane. Lori Schnieder, Bob Carol and Cole Wile are just a few who also will be joining us in "Spirit" at the Metropole this year.

Don't know about John Cuco though. I remember John's drivers licence being revolked constantly due to inability to stay on the road. He was one of the greatest charactors of that era. He along with Phil Turner from NS. I think John was from Montreal. Thanks for reminding me of him. I may have been a young lad back in the 70s but I sure remember many stories coming from John.

02-13-2007, 04:48 PM
Thanks for your reply, Howie. I didn't even know John Cuco ever had a drivers license. He was always looking for rides. I used to see him regularly at his place in Montreal. When I started to get into rod building, he supplied me with all the essentials. Materials weren't that readily available in those days.
In those days I also got acquainted with a local in Matane. Not sure of his name, it may have been Raymond but I don't think his last name was Pelletier. He would be in his 60's by now. Always unemployed, self admitted poacher in earlier days, sometimes guide, fly tier and in the winter a ski bum (by his own account). Mind you, this covers propably abt half of the regions population. He did have quite a reputation as a competent salmon fisher.
With all the people who got their first taste of salmon fishing at the Matane there maybe some virtue in compiling a chronicle of the Matane's history and all the people over the years and their stories. Could make for some interesting read.