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: Rhode Island fishing report: Albies, tuna, sharks...

Capt. Ruben Perez
08-01-2000, 08:28 PM
Sorry for not posting this sooner-- I had the privilige to spend time out at sea on a nuclear submarine off GA. Excellent
bunch of guys, our country is in great hands....

Last Monday I went out to the SE corner of the dump in hopes of catching tuna and sharks. Saw several pods, but none
were interested, we were mostly trolling for them. Bait everwhere, lots of birds, whales, sharks, beautiful to see so much
life... won't be long now before the tuna start to hit.

We then settled to try for sharks with great luck- blue shark only.

On the way out to the grounds, we spotted a pod of fish hitting bait, thinking they were bluefish we stopped looking to
get fresh bait for the sharks.... to my surprise they were the little footballs I love to catch on the fly-- Albies.

August, September is the time to catch one of the most thrilling gamefish that visit our waters... I still have some
opening for charters for those of you who want to get Albies and bonito on the fly rod or light tackle... give me a call and
ask about my guarantee.

I'm not sure what this bad cold weather has done, but hopefully they are here and to stay.

I was fishing off the Rhode Island waters.

Best of luck, next report shall be more timely.

Capt. Ruben Perez
East Coast Guide Service