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: Reports from S.Monomoy 9-14

Bob Pink
09-14-2000, 08:42 PM
Coordinated a midweek v-day with a work friend who was planning to fish Chatham inlet, S.Beach and S.Monomoy today. Headed out of the break at 06:00 to thousands of circling, searching birds. Fist drifts right behind the breakers on the outer bars yielded bluefish on every other cast. Worked our way south zigzagging between shallow and deeper waters looking for the rumored BIG bass that were hanging out. Finally started hooking up w/ bass when we hit a big school of dogfish that had the bass holding underneath. Amazing sight to see these 2 - 3' long dogfish follow a 28" striper to the boat and try to bite it's flanks while you're releasing it!!!
After relocating a bit further south we began a two hour albie bite. All caught by blind-casting with deep sinking lines. Most of mine were taken on a sparse olive/yellow/white 1/0 ray's fly. Best image was watching a pod of 5 albies fighting for position to take the fly about 15' from the boat. Finished with 8 albies until it shut down.
Headed back north to the inlet and worked to hookup with some fish holding deeeeeep 55 - 60' without success.
Bait observed was (no suprise here) sandeels but they were much smaller than three weeks ago. There were reports od small mackeral moving inshore as well.
Had one other fish sighting where we worked a pod of small, apparrently tunoid-type fish that was alternatly swirling just under the surface and then grabbing air albie-like out of the water. They had a pronounced forked tail, more compact body and (from what I could tell given the angle of the sun) were sliver flanked with dark black tail and dorsal tips. Looked like they might have weighed about 1 - 2 lbs. Tossed everthing we had at them with no results.....

Mung was present but not oppresive. (although it was nice to be able to move out of it) It did NOT seem like it was matted up along the beach....

Bottom line: Another rip-trip within the next 7 days could be promising.

i'm so outta here
09-14-2000, 10:54 PM
Could those mystery fish have been Spanish Macks? I saw quite a few up close this last weekend and your description is right on. Toothy critters, they are. Makes a bluefish look like a carp. I may end up doing a South Beach run this weekend if the planets align properly. Eager to have a look at these.

Bob Pink
09-15-2000, 04:26 AM
Not the 'macs for sure. These were much smaller and did not have that loger narrow profile I think of for the spanish. More loke a mini tunoid. Maybe they are the baby bonito that ere frustrating everyone around vineyard sound 3 weeks ago? Skipjack?