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: Two-hand gear advice

01-29-2007, 09:12 AM
Thinking of giving a two hand a try for the large rivers here in PA and for trips to the North Shore, where, thanks to all your help, I ventured out on foot and found stipers. What great fishing. So thanks for your generous advice on that. Hope I can return the favor should any of you wish to fish the Letort, Yellow Breeches, Falling Spring, etc. that make up my home water. Happy to assist.

On the two hander, I've searched the forum for spey, two hand, etc. and have googled, googled, and googled some more. So I've been gathering information and at this point would be interested in hearing some strong opinons from those with experience. Of course, a new set of techniques to learn, and I will enjoy that for certain.

If you were setting up an intermediate singlehand caster with an occasional use two-hand rig what would you recommend? Rod? Lines? Reel? Again, I'll be using this for river bass, trout, and for stripers. I rivers that I fish are a mix of slow and flat, and some fast pocket water rivers. As for the stripers... you all are the experts to turn to for advice on best gear for inlets, estuaries, and perhaps some surf.

Thanks guys!

01-29-2007, 11:36 AM

River bass, trout and stripers would not be on the same rod; river bass and trout for that matter but thats a preference.

For stripers, I prefer a rod around 11ft with a longer than average lower grip and a overhead casting action. I like them to cast at least 450 grains and as much as 700 or the single hander is up to the task usually.

Best from shore on the beach or in uniform currents (spey). Bigger the fly, the more concentrated the grains so shooting head style lines are best in surf. I like sinking and int lines to slice the surf chop.

For uniform currents floating and spey are nice, you can go longer with rods when there is no strip retrieve.

Most rod makers have gotten the clue on this and are offering rods in this config class. I designed the first rod specifically for this purpose, the Atlantis, but the choices are growing each model year.

01-29-2007, 03:35 PM
Thanks Juro.

And to add...

Are the 12'6" rods (TFO/Orvis) an attempted compromise between a short stiff rod for use in the surf and the longer more limber rods that I understand would be used for river fishing? Are these rods too much of a compromise?

01-29-2007, 04:49 PM
Again unless you are in Patagonia or Chile there is no trout out there that can bend a TFO 12'6", or river bass for that matter. It's not a bad surf stick, but with all the choices out there make sure you cast as many as you can before you commit. I would opt out of the extra 18" of graphite, but again there is a preference thing involved and everyone's different.

ECHO, Sage, Loomis, Beaulah, - a lot of new rods out there now in an 11ft length.

01-29-2007, 07:15 PM
A relatively new addition to this scene is Temple Forks Outfitters. They have a 12' 12wt "Surf Rod"($300 range) in the shops now and I also believe that they are introducing an "add on" set up for their TiCrX rods in 6 - 7 - 8 wts that will convert these 9' one handers to an 11'3" two hander, a-la "switch rod" classification. I have seen some posts on it but have yet to find a dealer that (A) knows anything about it and (B) has the add-on in stock or on order. From what I have been able to determine the "add-on" will retail about $150 (only the add on pieces) and the TiCrX is about $280(with tube). CND, which Juro designed, was the first, GLoomis has at least one, Echo2 has a couple and LL Bean "Orion" series has one.What will be great for some fishing will be "lite" or "heavy" for the other. The answer is really which type of fishing do you expect to do the most of using the rod. There are a lot of SW fishermen using 8wts with great success in everything except the pounding surf with a lot of backwash. Just more info to confuse matters.

01-30-2007, 08:03 AM
Jay Horton (2HandTheSalt) showed me a prototype of that interchangeable TFO system last year. I didn't get chance to cast it but shoot him a PM and he might be able to help.