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: Sage Z-Axis 4-piece

01-21-2007, 10:17 AM
My name is Kent Petersen and i live in Sweden and wright english as i speak it,sorry.
I am intrestid in Sage Z-Axis 4-piece serie. I dont have the opportunity test those models i am intrestid in and want to hear if some one out there have tried those models i am looking on . The models i am looking into is 5100 - 6100 or 596 -696. I like long rods becaue i normaly fish with water to my navel or in my float tube . I tried 490 , 590 and 6110 and like them very much. The 6110 did feels like 590 when i test it , one or two classer under what the rod its markt . Its so light and sensitive in the action and still powerful . I do a lot of testing to all rods i can get a chanse to test so this is not something i reed me to .
When i build my rods i like to put ceramic guides on them , did se that standard snake guides on the rods are very small and little with epoxy on the guides. Has anybody put ceramic guides on a Z-axis . I normally use American Tackle Company Titan Guides and very pleased with the price and performance.

I am allso looking into the Spey Rods and they havent yet arrive to Sweden .- In Scandinavia Loomis older modells of GLX is very popular, are the any close to them in performance and action .
Every input and view is value, and i really needs your help out there.
Tanks in advance