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: Marlboro Stale?

01-17-2007, 08:20 AM
For those that think Marlboro is stale, what would you like to see there? I am not saying I don't agree, I am just not sure what it is specifically that they don't have represented. I think if I hadn't been to the show for 5 years in a row, I would be pretty happy with the lineup. For those that have been to Jersey, what do they have Marlboro doesn't?


01-17-2007, 08:29 AM
I think there were many more rod manufacturers in years past. I used to go there for the opportunity to cast virtually any rod made - that's just not the option any more.

One of my favorites was English Angling Trappings - I'd restock on all sorts of obscure and interesting furs and feathers. (Skunk pelts, anyone?). They don't have a web presence and it's not the same dealing with them by phone.

01-17-2007, 10:31 AM
My beef isn`t with the show itself but with the seminar lineup. I spend more time in the seminars than the show proper and the presentations haven`t changed since day one. I`m sure there are more than 7 or 8 well known personalities out there, bring them on. Both Alan and Ed have excellent presentations, packed with great info and tips and if you haven`t seen them you should make it a point to get into them. Maybe the finger shouldn`t be pointed at the show organizer but at the presenters themselves. Someone who can crank out book after book should be able to come up with a new show every few years. After all how many times would you pay to go see the same movie?

01-17-2007, 10:36 AM
The management seems NOT to be catering to the annual returnees...
I've been going to the Marlboro show for the last 7 or 8 years and...
Early on it was "discovery" and "revelation"...A Winter's Right of Passage! :smile:
Now it's more like the Bill Murray classic "Ground Hog Day"... :(
De ja vous ALL OVER AGAIN! :tsk_tsk:

Folks like Alan C and Lou T are initially interesting but each year "they" dust off last years presentation and cover essentially the same material (great for the un-initiated)! :rolleyes:
If the "management" came up with someone like Jose Wejebe or Flip, I'd be all over it like white on rice and beat pheet to their door with eager friends and plan on $everal daze to catch it all.
But NO...
Instead, the "planners" (better yet, the lack-of-planners) bring back last year's show...
They present and rely on OLD NEWS...
AND...they have the audacity to charge megabuck$ for a booth and $14 to see the same old dog and pony show...
They don't seem to care as long as old fans keep coming back until they don't... and they wonder why attendance is down and, eventually, they go the way of the kiwi and carrier pidgeon... :confused:

Bring on some new material and phresh phaces...
Show me how to rig for tuna / winterize and resurrect das boot / show me some "fresh" aerial slides of our fishery / revised night fishing tips/techniques / YAK attack stuff / regional conservation issues / the latest PROPER handling techniques for successful catch and release / a more accommodating and interactive "featured tyer" arena / Blah Blah Blah!
I just want some new stuff to stimulate "the process" and phan the phires but, for now, I'll be spending my $14 at the British Beer Company (and Pizza factory) in Hyannis and buying my time until the Bear's Den & S\\'E events... :cool:
Have a GREAT day!!!

01-17-2007, 10:53 AM

Ed Mitchell is covering Night Fishing on Saturday - 12:30 Striper Nights on the Vineyard, Days on Cape Cod - Ed Mitchell

and what is the S\\E event ?



01-17-2007, 12:17 PM
Bear's Den 9th Annual Fly Fishing Expo.
Wednesday February 7, 2007

The SaltWaterEdge (S\\'E) Fishing Show:
Feb. 10th: details coming soon!

The Bear's Den show looks OUTRAGEOUS...:Eyecrazy:
The S\\'E show is ALWAYS a CLASS ACT...:D