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: Check out the Pools on the Dartmouth

01-13-2007, 01:57 AM
The things that a deprived (depraved?) salmon angler will do on a cold dark winter night ...

My buddy and I did quite well with our picks from the Pre-season Lotto on the Dartmouth River. On a quiet night, I decided to check out our water with the map function of Google - called 'Google Maps Canada,' on my computer here in the Frozen North. There is a cool option, called 'Hybrid,' where you can superimpose the road map on satellite photos of the planet's surface.

Many of you probably know this. The problem with the pictures usually is one of resolution at high magnification. For some areas, the satellite imagery is so detailed that one can pick out individual structures. However, for many more areas (often rural), you can't really zoom up to see anything 'local' in the image.

So, I'm suggesting that you get on this site, 'fly' on down and check out the Gaspe Peninsula. If you look at large views of the area, you will see the fascinating tectonic geology that defines the Gaspesie. Then, you can zoom in to see all of your favorite salmon rivers. Unfortunately, the resolution limits on most of these photos doesn't allow you to see more than the grossest of landmarks (watermarks?) on the rivers. Pools, for example, usually are not very distinct.

But not the Dartmouth! For some unknown reason, the resolution for most of the fishable parts of the river is excellent! You can zoom in on the river and clearly see most of your favorite Dartmouth River salmon pools.

Really! You'll get an excellent idea of the depth profile of the pools by the colour of the water. You'll get to 'shoot' the river in a virtual sense, and see all of the areas between the named pools. Most of it looks pretty shallow! With a pool map from the Zec Gaspe, you can find all of the named pools up to Post Brook in Zone 5. A number of the most picturesque pools are easily located without the map (Breeder, Ledges, Zone 2, Post Brook). For any brave soul that has challenged the rocks to get into the Falls or Ledges Pools, take a look at what you climbed over to get there. Check out the huge deep water pool at the bend between these two pools. Beautiful, but likely inacessible to anything without a set of fins.

Close study might even reveal a 'mystery hole' or two that might bear some exploration on future fishing trips.

Unfortunately, the resolution drops off just above Post Brook Pool. You can make out the outlines of Paul Emile and Moose Bogan, but can't really see the pools. Similarly, the resolution for the York and St. Jean is not good enough to do a virtual pool tour as can be done on the Dart.

So, check it out! You can scout your Zone for the summer and/or just dream about being there. It's the most fun that you can have in January - with your clothes on. :smokin:

Jim Corrigan

01-14-2007, 11:34 AM
Thank's for posting this.Twas kinda neat to to "cruise " around at altitude.
One frightening thing though.Back off and check the deforestation and devastated Luna landscape caused by mining around Murdochville :frown: Company drilling near Gaspe found oil a few yrs. back and now has drilling operations all OVER the peninsula.

01-15-2007, 07:17 AM
I havent been through murcochville since '01. Didnt they "move" the town(residents) in the last few years? There was something to that effect in the paper that i remember reading. It was an awful place to visit and my wife and i honestly thought we should hold our breath when driving through there:eek: The only other place i can compare it to is Sudbury.
It is an ugly blemish on a seriously beautiful peninsula.
Salmon Chaser

01-16-2007, 07:08 AM
Great site! Checked out the Gaspe. Amazing that one can site with a "wireless" laptop and zoom anywhere on earth and take a look. No wires, just a mouse pad. Thanks for sharing.....

01-18-2007, 08:22 PM
A quick update ..

I looked at some Gaspe rivers that I haven't fished much (or at all), but have good enough resolution to see the pools. If you fish any of these rivers, you might be able to locate your favorite spots.

The Matane up to St. Rene de Matane. Howie, if your new camp is below this town, you should be able to check your roof for leaks. :hihi:

The Cap Chat for a fairly good length.

Pretty well all of the Causapscal. From what I can tell, the famous 'Falls' water is quite a long way upriver.

The Matapedia from just below Lac Matapedia through the forks in Causapscal down to Heppel Pool (covered bridge). Fairly boring - a large river with few obvious pools.

Enjoy your 'trip' to the rivers!

Jim Corrigan