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: Atlantic Salmon Fly of the week Hair Wing Neptune

01-12-2007, 01:23 PM
This fly has gone under some modifications since it was first invented. The original tier, Yvon Gendron of Neptune flies, tied it with an underwing and throat of moose hair and a wing of black quill segment. Peter Fargo, a fly shop owner in Montreal, for ease of tying, then modified it. It has since become a top producer in many rivers in Atlantic Canada and works in just about any water conditions.

Hook: Up eye salmon hook.
Tag: Oval silver tinsel.
Tail: Golden Pheasant crest.
Body: 2/3rd silver tinsel, 1/3rd peacock herl.
Rib: Oval Silver tinsel.
Wing: Black krystal flash under black squirrel tail.
Collar: Guinea fowl.
Head: Black.


01-12-2007, 11:28 PM

This is another one of those flies that has "fish me" written all over it. I think it would be a fine PNW summer steelhead fly, and if one were to use dyed red crest for the tail, I think it would be even better for summer runs. I'm going to have to tie some up, and I'm going to tie some in Irish Shrimp style as well.

01-12-2007, 11:34 PM
Gorgeous fly.

01-13-2007, 01:02 AM
Ooohh - this one is a beauty! I've never fished it, but do have a story about it.

Glad you asked ... :)

The Neptune was the 'one fly too many' for me ...

A few years ago, I took some time to tie a 'working set' of salmon flies. I had been caught short of certain sizes/patterns on several previous salmon trips and felt the need to be 'properly armed' with a set of patterns that I liked. Each wet fly choice needed to be tied in sizes from #2 to #10-12. Having enough backups for each size required the tying of 10-16 flies per pattern.

I lost a lot of flies at the time ... :hihi:

I used Farrow & Allen's and Marriner's books for inspiration, worked with personal favorites and chose some 'expert's picks' from several parts of eastern Canada. I managed to fill about 8 fly boxes in a surprisingly short time. :eek: I set my limit at filling ten fly boxes and did so without running out of patterns that I liked.

Unbelievably, I bring most of this lot to the river every day that I fish. I know that this makes me a 'fly knob,' but I don't see much point in tying all of these things only to leave them in the hotel room - or at home.

So ... the Neptune, as illustrated in the book, sure looked fishy to me! However, I had several different silver patterns, several peacock herl thingies and several mixed-body-hybrid patterns spilling out of my overstuffed boxes. Tying up a series of Neptunes would necessitate carrying the dreaded eleventh fly box. That was over my self-imposed (but ridiculously permissive) limit of ten.

So, the Neptune is the 'one pattern too many' for me. This is hilarious, because I probably carry about different 50 wet fly patterns. The renowned Picasse was another victim of my self-imposed 'austerity.'

The nice thing about salmon fishing is that there a few rules to the game. I'd probably do just as well if I fished exclusively with Green Machines, white Muddlers and one Bomber pattern, but I happily dwell in a strange ethical world of my own creation. I've got lots of flies and carry patterns (or boxes) that never get pulled out on a trip. There's so little time on a trip, and so many experiments go untried. :(

The Neptune still looks fishy though ... :roll:

Jim Corrigan

01-14-2007, 08:46 AM
Nice fly !
Here's one that has been known to catch a few fish on the Matapedia and York.
I used Boar for the underwing and "under" throat and Peacock for the wing , and of course ,cut the Guinea as per the original. Tied 'em up on low water doubles. Oh yeah and yellow floss for the tail
GREAT pattern which is dynamite in #2's early on in the season and then in #4' to 6 in late June on the York. That l being said ,it ain't me that's done the catching with this fly but others have. One person especially has worked wonders with this fly on sunny to really dark rainy days .