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: T&T 1307/Outcast Pac1000

01-05-2007, 08:29 PM
Allright, let's just say that I spent more days since last September fishing than working. So it is with regrets that I have to unload some tackle. I need this money to buy razors so that I can shave my unruly beard and rejoin society (until trout season opens again). Delivery is possible anywhere in SW Ontario, shipping can be discussed.

1. T&T 1307-3 Spey rod in excellent condition. $750 CAN

2 Outcast PAC1000 Pontoon boat, used 4 times, excellent condition. $1200 CAN

I've got a Rio Midspey 6/7 that can be had with the rod. The boat has all bags, oars, anchor system, and is rated for 500 lbs capacity. Let's haggle out a deal.