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: New Deschutes Book

01-04-2007, 09:58 PM
While wandering around the Canyon Way Book Store in Newport (always dangerous), I came across an elegant book in the Oregon section, namely _The Deschutes River Railroad War_. Always curious about this facet of my favorite river's history, I picked it up and immediately glommed onto it. Glorious!

While ostensibly not about fishing, the book has dozens of rich color photos, many aerial, that highlight sections of the river well know to trout and steelhead anglers. Other photos, from historical archives, show not only the labors of the two companies building their roads into cental Oregon, but also what the river looked like at the beginning of the 20th centuray. Suffice it to say, the photos alone make the book a must for any lover of the lower Deschutes.

The author, Leon Speroff, dedicates his book to his fly-fishing buddies, so we know this compilation is from an angler's perspective. Dr. Speroff writes not only of the buidling of the roads, the men -- visionaries, entrepeneurs, engineers, scoundrels, laborers -- who developed the lines, but also of the geological formations and their evolution that made the building such a formidable task.

The text is naturally informative, and engaging as well. It makes a delightful read for any Deschutes River fan or western history buff.

Speroff, Leon, _The Deschutes River Railroad War_, Arnica Publishing, Portland, OR, 2007. ISBN - 13: 978-0-9745686-6-9. 218 pp. Clothbound. $29.95 (At better bookstores everywhere).

-- Happy Reading,

-- Eric

01-04-2007, 10:01 PM
Eric -

Haven't fished with you in too long. I'd like to do a float on the Deschutes with you this fall if you can swing it.


01-04-2007, 10:06 PM
Let's make it happen!


-- Eric