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Rip Ryder
12-28-2006, 05:56 PM
Hi guys,

I know this is not about Stripers, but I thought I would share this too help keep the blood flowing, and maybe give some of you an excuse to set up a "family"
vacation, or get the Boneclave juices flowing.

Renee and I did the Disney 4 day park 3 day cruise with the family for Christmas this year. Nephew just turned 9, so he was ripe for the taken as far as the parks, and we did the 3 day cruise to break the in-laws into cruising.

Well long story short, Disney has it's own Island, Castaway Cay. There is an adults only section called "Serenity Beach". Renee and I headed over there to take 5 from the family, while everyone went to the family beach with our nephew.
We knew what we were in for, as we were there before on our honeymoon.

The beach is outstanding, as it faces a flat that goes out at least 100 yards and is about waist high at hightide. We walked out about mid tide going out as far as we could go looking for sand dollars, but boy were we in for a surprise.
As we waded out, there were blue runners, jacks and yellow tails (not the tuna) all around us, didn't even care we were there. We decided with all the game fish there may be some OTHER preditors coming on to the flat soon looking for the game fish, so we started back in.

About 20 feet from the beach, I looked in front of me and saw a school of bonefish of about 20-25 total, all around 2-6 lbs would be my guess. I started wading over to them, until I was right in the middle of them. These fish have no pressure at all, so they let Renee and I stand in among them. We're in about shin deep water and stood there for a good 10 minutes watching them tail around us and grab small clear minnows off the bottom. Renee and I got tired of standing, so we went and got our low rider beach chairs and sat IN the water with the bonefish.

Whenever they started losing interest, I would toss out a small shell a couple of feet away and the Bones, jackes and Blue runners and what ever else was swimming in the area, would come right up to the shell and our feet looking to see what the noise was. We even had a 2 foot ribbon fish come over to check us out, it was crazzzzyyy!!!

So now you know of a place to take the family and pack that multy piece flyrod and sneak it on board the ship.

I need to learn how to flyfish before I go back there again, just can't break the spinning rod down enough to sneak it on board.

NO fish story here, ask the wife when you see her this summer!!!

Capt Keith

PS, this all happened before the konk cooler drinking began (ummm goood!)

12-29-2006, 06:59 AM
Keith.....you forgot that you are at Disney.....I hate to bust your bubble...but all the fish are fake ...next we'll hear that the Pirates of the Carribean are charter members of the CAC. :lildevl:
PS: What manufacturer was used to make the waders for the 7 dwarfs?
Petite-gonia???? :smokin:

12-29-2006, 08:40 AM
Sounds like a great place to soak the toes and sip some tropical concoctions! Next time give us some advance notice, I've got a 5-pc you can borrow that won't get in the way at all.

Glad all is well with the family.

12-29-2006, 08:59 AM
got the juices flowing. Happy New Year to you and Renee.

12-29-2006, 04:33 PM
Hummmmmm. Wonder what's around the corner from that flat. Sounds like trouble for some of us. You know what I'm talking about. Search party? Where's my Husband? Boat whistle sounds that it's time to leave. No sign of the flyfisherman.


We are all just prisoners here.....of our own device. What a wonderful place to get marooned. No wonder they call it Castaway Cay. Hey Juro. Spouse-Criuse Clave?


12-30-2006, 11:55 PM

You have any photos from that Adults Only beach?

May kick the Fly Fishing Forum to a new level and get a few more hits on Google.


and Up Tails All,


01-03-2007, 12:37 PM
Those were not Pirates of the Caribbean, those wre the pirates of Chatham; Captain Keith and the Admiral:hihi:

Note to Keith; try to loosen up and enjoy your self......

Rip Ryder
01-03-2007, 07:04 PM

You can't get me any looser and relaxed than at Disney Baby!!!
It is like another demention for me, I let everything go and leave it all behind at home, when I head down there.

Besides, I am only stressed out on the Rip Ryder, waiting to here how good or bad you guys did during the day, or how hard you were on Sir White Thumb himself.:chuckle:

Capt Keith

01-03-2007, 08:52 PM
Keith....relax!!!! Speaking for myself, you don't have to worry how we did...we were there....that's 99% of a great day! Glad you and your family are having a great time....will be off soon to Sanibel and will hit some cold stone stationary redfish for you with my kayak paddle...seems they hate cold water (68 degrees)...wuzzy fish! Makes me want to scoop up a few and take them to the tub on May first to let them see what cold water really is like. :)
As for Garry being hard on me...I have no choice....without him by my side I have no shade from the summer sun, nor shether from the howling winds.:smokin:

01-05-2007, 08:06 AM
It won't be too much longer and I'll be taking my father, The Great White Thumb, back to Chatham. Ya' know, I've actually seen him pack that thumb with tobacco and smoke it :smokin: