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: Dydimo geminata on the Matapédia,Qc

12-22-2006, 11:03 AM
Bonjours to all you fly fishing addicts.

This is my thirst intervention on this great site and not the last one.

As many of you know, unfortunately few rivers on the Gaspé have being infested with the Dydimo geminata algae.

Mainly the Matapédia, many fishermen and I reported the algae in mid-June, and with that pressure they finally took samples on all the other rivers to find out the Nouvelle, Grande Cascapédia, Petite Cascapédia and Bonaventure had it also.

Luckily, we discovered the algae at a early stage in its life. All are very concern and the CGRMP, FQSA, ASF, ZEC's and the fish and wildlife dept are presently on the case and will come up this winter with solutions. They will also be installing obligatory daily fishing equipment, canoes, trailers etc....decontamination stations on all Québec Salmon rivers in 2007.

TO you BC and Vancouver Island fellows,......

- do you have any info on what effect this algea...... had on your rivers?

Egg hatching, parr and smolt population, insects etc....

Thank you for your help.

Happy holidays to all.

André Bélaieff

01-09-2007, 06:41 AM
Here's a follow up article from the CBC.



01-09-2007, 08:21 AM
For such a serious problem the message sounds so stand-offish while some countries require autoclaving your gear before entry.

It's easy to blame the thinning ozone levels but the spread is probaby from irresponsible angler's trying to get the most from one pair of felt boots in every part of the country or world.

Sounds to me like we need much tighter regulations on using well traveled boots, or at least the angler's ethic needs to get stronger.


01-09-2007, 09:40 AM
One thing is clear.

Fisherman will have to be responsible.

Nobody new about the algae, me thirst.
We all fished and guided these rivers from one pool to the next one, without knowing that we were carying it.

Just like on other sites, I will repeat myself;

Yes, the Québec goverment, FQSA, FSA etc.... will put a decontamination program together and they will also transmit by many means, the info about decontamination for didymo, to the fisherman.

Now there is another issue;
Fisherman's responsability towards the fisherie; (AUTO DECONTAMINATION).

On the river when you will be leaving a pool to go to another one, why not decontaminate your fishing equipment yourself, with your hown cleaning kit.

Why not cary a clean bottle of desinfectant and another one to put the infected liquid back into, to be brought back to a check point. This would be a good way to clean all our gear ourself in a pan etc...and be involved.

The best way to eradicate poaching or non responsable fisherman is to be alert.

Beside wardens, the only solution to eradicate people with bad intentions when you are on the river, IS YOU;
Why not in a friendly approach, ask the fisherman near you, if they have clean there equipment and if they did not, recomend to them what is to be done and report them.

This is the best way to control the rivers and protect our passion, and a good wild fishery of Salmo Salar, ourselfs.

Another important point is the felt soles used on wader boots. This is the main mean of transportation because of its micro-web it is made off from one pool to other ones. Simms brougt on the market, a few yers ago, what I think is one of the answers to this algae issue, a non porous sole, the Aquastealth sole.

Futur is in our hands, LET'S BE RESPONSABLE, it's the key of success........

By the way, it would be very appreciated if someone from the BC coast, can inform me, on their experience with the Didymo issue.

01-09-2007, 12:46 PM
I just got back from Ottawa and witnessed the first didimo decontamination unit at the the CSA lab.Everything worked just fine until a certain rep from the outfitter community entered the unit and it was turned on . POOOOF ! and he disappeared along with 30 gms of algae,20 grams of dog poo,and some vulture vomit. The CSA scientists hope to rectify the problem by this years fishing season. Those of us from the fishing community just commented "Problem ? what problem ?? it sems to work just fine !!!"